Adult Liquid Candy Corn

Do you like candy corn?? It’s not really my thing, but I don’t prefer many flavors that I’ll go ahead tolerate in alcohol form because bzzzz bzzz. For example, I won’t touch a licorice twist candy, but offer me a Jagermeister shot and see what happens!!

My boss brought in this candy corn infused hootch, and we played with the recipe, then we sold quite a few. They are FABULOUS!!

I have met a number of bar guests in the food and drink service journey who looove the Pineapple Upside Down Cake cocktail. At my last position there was this adorable gal named Tiffany who had many PUC at my rail over some awesome conversation. Most of the ladies love it, and it’s a time saver but for sure, but let’s step up our game a bit, shall we??

When my boss brought me this it was the first thing I related it to. It is the same cocktail, just adorably presented, and as me and my babe sit here on his birthday, enjoying one, we think it’s like a pineapple upside down cake creamsicle (<< word salad alert) and WTF could be a better flavor combo than that?? Answer me, y’all. You can’t. Creamy. Boozy. Pineapple. Upside. Down. Cake. Creamsicle.

It’s fantastic. Yummy. Best of all, EASY!!

What You Need:

2 oz. Candy-Corn Infused Vodka

(Recipe below)

4 oz. orange pineapple juice

1.5 oz grenadine

Canned whipped cream

What You Do:

Here’s how to make cc infused vodka.

You gotta have just 2 items:

1 c candy corn

3 c vodka (it don’t matter what kind)

Add these to a glass container and place in a dark place 48 hours.


Add infused vodka, fruit juice and a shot of whipped cream to a shaker with ice. Rock it out for about 30 seconds. 12 seconds will do the trick, scientifically speaking.

You can strain straight or over ice. Your choice.

Now pour grenadine and allow it to sink.

Cover with whipped cream to make white tip.

Now just enjoy. You’ll end up swirling the drink around into a creamy and sexy mix like this here…

Cheers, Friends!!

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