Creamy Chocolate PB Pie

Have you ever had PB Pie from Cracker Barrel™️?? It’s to fucking die for. It’s like a cross between cheesecake and PB cream pie with chocolate chips in it then topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce. Like, it shouldn’t even be legal but, it is and I have been addicted to this deliciousness for about 26 years.

Cracker Barrel™️ was my second serving job and where I really came of age. I got my first place with a boy, learned to cook and do the family thing, had my first big break up and an amazing rebound after. I lost my mom and my mind in the same day. I figured out I was brave and that I had a voice while working there. I started speaking my truth, and I also picked up a microphone for the first time ever while out on an after work ladies night. That job brought me out of my shell when it was definitely time for that to happen and I’ll always remember it fondly. Here’s the thing though; I can’t STAND eating in there!! It is elbow to elbow, loud, and I want to max out a card walking through the store. Besides, why pay 5.99 per slice, when you can make a whole pie for a couple dollars more plus, you can play with the recipe and make it more to your taste in the interim??

Silly if you ask me!!

I made this particular dessert for my fella’s birthday last week. He prefers pie over cake and he digs this stuff like I do plus, I had a bunch of sugar free pudding in the pantry from my 21 days of Keto, so it just made sense.

You guys!! This is TOO easy, it’s very low in sugar (but not fat) and you cannot tell one bit. I used a flaky traditional pie crust because I wanted it to be a little salty and I just wasn’t feeling graham cracker crust on this day. You can buy a refrigerated crust or make your own. That’s totally up to you. I wouldn’t judge because maybe, just maybe I myself use this store bought crust from time to time…I said “maybe” but, if you do buy your crust, at the very least get the one you roll out into your own pie pan. Don’t be a total lazy bitch.

Ready for the recipe? Cool. I have stuff to do today like write a chapter in my book, paint a wall and make Chicken Marsala for dinner. I know, right!! Domestic Goddess Status. I’m also making 2 more of these today for some people who love them. I’ll be doing a Pistachio flavor using the exact method as here, then I’m putting together a chocolate raspberry creation that was requested and got me curious how to pull it off, so that will be a new recipe involving Jell-O™️. I’ll let ya know if it turns out.

What You Need:

One single pastry pie crust, prepared and par baked. If you need a recipe, I have used this one for 20 years. I can’t even make it better or make it my own.

1 pkg chocolate instant pudding

1 pkg vanilla instant pudding

1 8 oz pkg cream cheese, divided and softened

2 c heavy whipping cream

1.5 c milk

1 c peanut butter, divided

.5 c chocolate chips

What You Do:

The only baking involved in this is your crust so, once that’s done, shut off the oven.

In a large mixing bowl, stir half of the cream cheese and half of peanut butter together.

Add to this .75 c milk and 1 c heavy cream.

Add chocolate pudding and then use hand mixer to beat on high. It’s going to get SUPER thick. Let it.

Fold in half of chocolate chips.

Spread this mix into your pastry crust and then rinse bowl (or not) and repeat the process with remaining ingredients.

When the next layer is done, spread it over first layer and chill in refrigerator for 2 – 4 hours or more. You’ll want to cover it so it doesn’t dry out.

Before you serve it, smother that bad boy in whipped cream (that shit from the can is best) and drizzle chocolate sauce in it.

John ate it without the extras and so did my work mates. They said it was great but, that CB™️ tradition got me stuck on the toppings.

You will find yourself coming back to this recipe over and over. Don’t be surprised if friends and family start requesting it and asking to buy them from you. It happens. If it didn’t, I’d be at a 9 – 5 job right now instead of in my comfy chair sipping coffee and writing my heart out for y’all.

Much love. Happy Friday and first day of snow if you live in my neck of the woods.

Thank you for reading. If you find value in the writing, please share or comment. I’m open and considerate to all input.

cHELLe ON WHEELS©️2018 Don’t use my pics and content without credits or direct linking, please and thank you.

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