Rodeo Burger Sliders

What to do with all the holiday leftovers, is the question of every day between Thanksgiving and New Years, isn’t it??

If you’ve been reading my stuff, you know I despise tossing out food. I’m the “waste not” warrior. Everything I can utilize is getting made into something.

I don’t know about your family holiday celebrations, but around here, we enjoy a crock pot of those good old BBQ sauce and grape jelly meatballs. My recipe is Sweet Baby Rays™️ original bbq sauce and Smuckers™️ Concord grape jelly. We all have our own recipe for the meatballs, right? If not; it’s quite simply a 5 lb bag of frozen meatballs, a bottle of sauce and a small jar of the jelly. I always bake my balls to crisp up the outside, then I transfer to the crock pot and add the goodies. Set to low and let it go.

So we had a batch of these in the fridge and as soon as I spied the leftover pack of dinner rolls, it was ON!!

I love a bbq burger with bacon and cheese. In fact, we serve one at the restaurant with an onion ring on it. Yummy.

For these little sliders, I just cut up the meatballs, grabbed some cheese, onion and bacon bits out of the refrigerator, and I went to work on this creation. It was a quick and fun lunch for us the Saturday after Turkey Day and it did not disappoint. They tasted like an amped up little slider from White Castle™️. I loved them.

What You Need:

3 c leftover bbq meatballs

2 c cheddar cheese shreds

1/4 c diced onion

1/2 c bacon bits

1 pkg dinner rolls

What You Do:

Line a metal or glass 13 x 9 baking pan with foil.

Preheat oven to 350.

Slice the dinner rolls horizontally but try to keep them in tact as a sheet of rolls top and bottom. I use a sheet pan as my knife guide for even cutting.

Lay bottom of rolls in your prepared pan.

Slice and heat meatballs in the microwave until at least warm.

Spread 1 c shredded cheese on bottom rolls.

Top with meatballs.

Sprinkle on the onions.

Sprinkle on the bacon.

Top with remaining cheese.

Add the top layer of rolls.

Brush with melted butter.

Bake for 20 minutes or until tops of rolls are golden brown but not crispy.

Remove from oven, separate with a spatula and serve.

Enjoy these with a side of bbq chips or some hot fries while cleaning your house of holiday messes.

As you can see, they aren’t the prettiest food, and it was hard to snap a pic that made them look as good as they taste.


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