Candy Coated Cracker Sammies

I need a “bed-in” day. With movies, dogs, coffee, phone off. Today might be the day unless the call I make at 10 goes in a certain direction. I don’t have any mega goals today. I’m seriously strung out on cookies to the point that I don’t want to hear the oven timer beep ever again in my life. Not saying my passion has dwindled, it’s just been a trying few weeks, and I remain busy, active and of course, positive above all else. I’m going to positively give you guys the easiest damn recipe EVER for a cookie that will get you an abundance of oooohs and yums, but it’s not major work. I didn’t really take a lot of photos of these because I wasn’t planning to blog them, but ppl keep calling and texting stuff like this:

“What are those white and dark chocolate dipped deals?”

“Hey, what you up to?? Oh, sweet. GF, what’s up with those salty chocolate things you made?”

So here we are. I’m writing a blog to explain how to make a cracker sandwich, and dip it in melted chocolate and sprinkle it before they harden. Yup. It’s seriously that simple. I stole this recipe from “Tasty”™️ or one of those time lapsed food video things you see on FB. I don’t think people want recipes. You all are here for the quick wit, sarcasm, and foul mouth. I knew it.

Look, I’m going to keep the recipe way easy. I have 12 minutes before I make a call that could change my life, so I want to get this done!!

What You Need:

1 box RITZ™️ crackers

1 c peanut butter

1 bag white chips

1 bag semi sweet chips

Candy sprinkles

What You Do:

Make peanut butter sandwiches out of crackers and peanut butter. I used caramel in a few, but it gets liquid at room temp and seeps out the side so I wouldn’t recommend it.

Melt chips by double boiler method or by microwave. If you microwave, it’s important to add a teaspoon of Crisco™️. Not butter. Not oil. I’m just saying. Also when melting chocolate, you have to be wary of any water getting near it. It will destroy your chocolate.

Ok, now using a plastic fork with middle times removed, start dipping the sandwiches and drizzling until totally coated.

Lay on wax paper lined tray and get the sprinkles on quickly. I lay out a line at a time then sprinkle them all and move on to next line. We have to move quick on this project so find your groove and keep rocking it out until you are done. I chill mine in the freezer 5-10 minutes to get them set up.

Store them in an airtight container and keep refrigerated, but set them out 15 minutes before serving.

You can do this with ANY cookie. Have fun with it. Wish me luck on the 10 o’clock call!! Bye Y’all!!


Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission by the owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts or links may be used, provided that full credit is given to M.L. Clement or cHELLe ON WHEELS, LLC. with appropriate and specific direction to original content. In other words; if you steal my shit, I’ll call you out.

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