Morning After Christmas Omelette

Can I be very brutally honest with you all??

I have zero desire to compose this damn post tonight. I’m not sure what’s going on in my dome, but it’s throbbing like there’s a jackhammer operator working the old temporal lobe. My eyes are pretty sore too, which leads me to believe, I may have a migraine, which I’ve never had. I’m not a headache person.

Oh, no. Someone tell me this isn’t the part of life, where women “have a headache” all the time, to get out of the bedroom duties, and I’m about to find out it’s not just a lame excuse. Please, someone say it isn’t so. I’m coming up fast on 45, and I already lost my mojo for a minute. I’m just getting leveled out, and I like it.

I entered into a new position yesterday and I was incredibly nervous, which is odd for me; being that I’m usually quite cocky, and maybe even teetering on the border of arrogant. I’m currently very dedicated to working on that negative characteristic.

Anyway, I was a wreck all day and the only food I had was a few bites in the training kitchen. When I woke up this morning with the worst skull pounder ever, naturally I blamed it on hunger, having not eaten much yesterday. But maybe it was because I’d slept later than usual and now a coffee craving was waking me up by way of a nasty caffeine withdrawal. Whoo, that’s a bad headache.

It appears that neither of these was the actual issue, because I have since had my daily coffee and almost this entire omelette, and I’m still going to bed in quite a bit of pain, after I publish this blog at the request of one of you lovely people.

It’s really just an omelette made of leftover Christmas dinner meat and cheese. I was quite frankly surprised that I received a recipe request for the pic I posted. I was making a joke about why I don’t blog more often, due to the simple ass foods I eat on a regular basis. Who knew you’d want those lame recipes too?? I’ll start posting more of my regular meals and see if they are of value to the readers. I’m pretty sure they will bore you. Keeping it simple keeps me on track with my nutrition, and contrary to what 11 days of cookie baking might say about me; that’s not how I live day to day. This past 2 weeks was a treat for 11 months of discipline, and I’m paying for it with longer runs each morning to stay in my wardrobe.

Ok. Here’s how you make a morning after Christmas omelette.

What You Need:

2 jumbo eggs or 3 large

2 Tbsp water or milk

2 oz leftover turkey

2 oz leftover ham

1/4 c shredded cheese

2 Tbsp chopped bacon

2 Tbsp butter

What You Do:

Make sure all the meat is chopped into bite size pieces.

Whisk eggs with water or milk.

Heat butter in a large skillet at medium high heat.

When butter is hot, add beaten eggs to skillet and allow to cook about 1.5 minutes.

I microwave my meats while eggs are heating on the first side.

Poke holes in the eggs and lower heat to medium. Shake the pan and run spatula around edges to loosen eggs from pan, then flip eggs over with spatula in one round.

Don’t worry if it doesn’t flip perfectly. Just move it around an the uncooked eggs will spread and fill breaks.

Add turkey and ham to one side, and cheese and bacon to the other.

Cover and remove from burner.

Allow a few minutes melting time, then flip the cheese half to cover the turkey and ham half. Voilà. You have yourself a lovely leftovers breakfast or brunch.

I like to serve mine with a vegetable rather than potatoes or toast, because I’m rather fluffy from cookies.

I hope you enjoy this, Donna. Thanks for reading. Keep watching the blog for more easy, yummy meals from my kitchen.


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