“California Dreaming” Avocado Club Omelette

It feels like it’s been a year since I picked up my spatula to cook or my laptop to write. I am a busy gal, you guys!! If you have kept up on my journey, you know that I landed a dream job in a fancy pants, Ann Arbor, Cajun/Creole restaurant that I’ve been wanting to work in for ages.

I had a vision one morning 3 weeks ago. So, I got up, got dressed and went aggressively after an old dream. I’m in a great position behind the bar slinging Sazaracs and Hurricanes and French 75s all night long!! It’s especially groovy because I have the freedom to do anything I desire to do there. You see, they love passion. With this new found freedom, I’ve been really working on dessert and food plating and presentation.

Having had several amazing chefs to work beside through the years, I know the importance of pretty food, but I haven’t always been great at execution of it. A few quotes I have held onto from awesome foodies through my career are:

“I don’t care if it’s a fucking hard boiled egg; it needs to look kick ass on the plate!!”

Once I asked a chef what was the difference between an 8.00 taco salad and a 14.00 taco salad, and I was told it was, “the goddamn plate we put it on.” Turns out he was right. I made one last week. Gorgeous in my plain white salad bowl, don’t you agree??

So anyway, I have been really focused on those things and making even simple foods look picturesque.

Today’s entry is no exception. It’s a simple 2 egg, post workout, California Club omelette that I would have enjoyed at my favorite breakfast joint this morning if it weren’t for the icy roads and my extreme need for rest. I was also inspired by this mornings phone call to one of my besties who is out there living the dream of buying an RV, and booking up out of this cold bastard of a geographical location called Michigan. Thus, the name of this post.

I rarely eat breakfast but my fast paced life caught up with me this morning. In addition to the Creole spot in A2, I also got a position in the finest steakhouse in my own town. I’ll be doing myself a big favor by keeping two places of employment, and here’s why; I get sick of people if I see them too much. It is what it is, plus I need two jobs to break up the boredom. I’ve figured out in the past 6 weeks that a lot of issues in my professional life are just that simple.

I’m now in a place where I’m not trying too hard to have people like me. I want to punch in, take care of my guests, punch out, and never EVER be concerned with my coworkers and their opinions. I keep my personal life to a minimum and I’m vague when they ask questions. It’s working out absofuckinglutely perfectly so far.

I miss this sitting down to share a recipe and a story though!! Plus, I’m not going to reach many readers if I’m not writing a damn thing, am I?? Enough about my crazy personal life. Let’s get to this easy recipe, and then MAYBE, I’ll write another tonight or tomorrow. Maybe.

What You Need:

2 large eggs

.5 c chopped chicken

.25 c sautéed mushrooms

.25 c bacon, chopped up fine (or not)

2 slices Swiss cheese

.5 avocado diced up

1 Tbsp Kerrygold Butter

What You Do:

Do we all know how to make an omelette yet?? You guys!!

Whip your eggs with a Tbsp of water.

Heat the butter in a skillet on medium heat.

Pour in the eggs and poke a few holes all over.

Cover pan.

Heat your chicken and mushrooms in the microwave about 30 seconds.

Lay cheese on one side of the eggs.

Sprinkle bacon on other half.

Top cheese with chicken and mushrooms.

Cover again with lid and remove from the burner.

Just before serving, add avocado and flip bacon side onto the cheese side.

That’s it!! Getting out of the pan can be a challenge. I suggest using a large spatula.

I placed mine on a bed of spinach and I ate that too, along with some cucumbers and a bit of Sriracha™️ for flavor. Gotta get them veggies in!!

Just take a second to soak in the beauty!! I ate it so fast I never got an inside view pic!!

Now, I am off to shop for ingredients for tonight’s dinner. Not sure I can make the “Hot Hawaiian BBQ Burger” look pretty, but for you, I will do my very best!!


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6 thoughts on ““California Dreaming” Avocado Club Omelette

      1. mliae

        I believe it easily! It’s quite late at night now but I am craving that omelet 😉
        What is bulletproof coffee? Sounds good….sounds necessary!


      2. BP Coffee is high quality coffee infused with tiny amounts of coconut oil, butter and stevia. I also put sea salt and spices in mine. Bulletproof is actually a brand, but I make my own. It helps me with intermittent fasting, which is how I live most of the time.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. mliae

        Aaahhhh…ok! I understand using coffee as a filler during intermittent fasting. Hunger is difficult to sway. I just had to ask. We were in UK years ago and I remember there was this instant coffee called ‘Rocketfuel’. That stuff works – so much so that I still remember it. Shame we can’t find that here…


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