Bacon and Egg Salad

As promised, I have an entry for you about this simple egg salad, not because I think you need an entire article of sorts, but mostly because I want to discuss DIETS.

I’m coming from a place of love and understanding when I say this: Fuck a diet.

We know it’s a bullshit fad. We know we’re not staying on it. We know that one little stressful event and we’re going to be all about, “I need an XL pizza pie, 3 dozen doughnuts and a case of wine.”

I hung it up quite some time ago. That’s not to say I don’t have a plan of action where my nutrition is concerned. I most certainly do. I just don’t believe in the “D” word anymore. I eat fat. I eat carbs. I eat mostly everything and anything I want. But it’s also limited to mostly Sundays.

You see there’s a difference between a diet and a regimen. A diet usually eliminates an entire food group or macro nutrient. A regimen is all about how to enjoy all of them and still remove fat. My regimen is strict and simple, but it’s reasonable, simple and for me, it’s actually been sustainable.

I have all day to write about this as we move into an Ice Age, but it’s also covered in depth in my book, so I’m not going to cut my own throat by spilling the beans here. The bottom line, my friends, is that you needn’t be too extreme in your nutrition. Listen to your body. Feed it in a loving manner because it’s where you live 24/7. Everything is about balance.

As for this recipe, I was super hungry yesterday after my yoga session, and I had a struggle to think up something for lunch because I don’t usually eat lunch. I’m an intermittent faster, so I just have a boosted up protein shake post exercise most days. I pretty much only plan dinners. My life is fabulous in that regard.

I only wrote this blog to say that if you’re always on a “diet” but your body never changes and you always feel like shit; I’m not trying to hear about it, K?? Take a seat with that noise.

Here’s the recipe for Bacon and Egg Salad. Because that’s what I do here.

What You Need:

4-5 hard boiled eggs

1/8 c mayo

1/8 c cheddar shreds

2 Tbsp bacon crumbles

Few turns Himalayan pink sea salt

Few turns fresh black pepper

What You Do:

Man, if you don’t know what to do you are reading the wrong blogger. I never had a mom in the house, and I had egg salad down at 9 years old.

Make your egg salad, throw it on your favorite bread, cloud thing, wrap, lettuce leaf, crackers or just fork to face it. I did that a couple times, myself.

You guys have a great day. If you’re in the Mitten with me, stay inside if you can. If you must go out, protect your skin and make it hasty.

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