Sesame Salmon Salad

I’m in routine. 60 days sober. I’m working out every damn day. Running 3 days a week. I’m healing my spirit in a progressive online yoga studio complete with chakra cleansing, intention setting and of course meditation and body flow. My heart is opening. My voice is meaningful. My patience is waxing true, and life just feels soooo good!!

I discovered this morning that my dog is a Zen meter. If he looks at me and leaves the room, the energy is bad. It’s that simple. Then I have to breathe in some Prana and exhale whatever BS is getting me riled up in that moment. Dexter really is my soul twin and my familiar. It’s too much trying to figure out humans. Are they loyal?? Are they hating on my evolution?? Who gives a F*#$!! I got my dogs and a damn amazing man, plus there’s this self love that is very easily finding it’s way to my heart center.

My blog gets less attention when I’m training. Some readers have asked that I share my healthy meals as well as the decadent Sunday splurges, and I’ve made the decision to oblige them. I’m not into coaching people or telling them what to eat, so if you’re here looking for that, the door closed 2 years ago. Other’s health and fitness is not my concern while I am so busy with my own growth and personal development. I can’t give away what I don’t yet possess. But I can give recipes I use all day long.

This one is super simple. Like I don’t know if I should even waste time writing about it, but I will. Not much happening at this point in the day anyway, right?? Michigan is still enduring super cold weather.

This is simply some seared salmon fillets with a sauce I made out of other sauces and garlic. It’s chilling atop a bed of chopped Asian salad. I have been getting into these chopped salads. They are super easy, very tasty and surprisingly filling because they contain good foods rather than just lettuce.

I have other food projects and a coin to collect tonight, so let’s just go straight into the recipe. Ok?? Good.

What You Need:

4 salmon pieces (filet or steaks will do, as would any fish you like)

Bag of this Asian salad mix prepared. I only used half. It’s a big bag.


1/4 c sweet and sour sauce of any brand.

2 Tbsp Szechuan sauce

1 Tbsp minced garlic

Few drops of Sriracha

What You Do:

Season the salmon with salt and pepper on both sides.

Heat grill or skillet on medium heat with olive oil for about 2 minutes.

Lay salmon meat side down first.

Cook 4-5 minutes.

Now flip it and cook another 4-5 minutes.

Brush with sauce and serve hot on a bed of that Asian salad you should have prepped and ready to roll.

Easy. Peasy!!

I’m on a tight schedule today, Loves. Make some food. Show some love. Hug yourself for me!!


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