Monday Night Beans and Rice

The tradition behind Monday night red beans and rice is to use up the leftover meat from Sunday dinner. Did you know?? I didn’t know a thing of this tradition until a lovely lady in Houma, Louisiana taught me back in 2006. She turned me on to this meal which I had no desire to eat at the time, because CARBS. You sort of have a change of heart when you get a whiff of it simmering. It’s pretty much irresistible. Don’t you think?? You saw that pic I over posted. Haha.

Now, we don’t do RB&R every single Monday, by any means. I’m not a big carb eater, but if I am indulging in some starchy grub, it’s going to be on a Sunday or Monday. I don’t focus on healthy eating on Sunday at all, and Monday is a mass action day with running, intense yoga routines and house cleaning. I’m not concerned with burning the carbs off. It just happens.

If you have leftover meats, this is one amazing way to use it. I had the remnants of a Creole pork roast laying around from the weekend, so I used that, a roll of andouille, fresh trinity and some canned beans and tomatoes. The only thing I had to cook was the brown rice.

It’s probably not traditional to use canned beans, but I am a busy woman. I don’t generally have time on Mondays to cook beans. Some folks native of the south might scoff at me for this, but I’m guessing that you readers will love having an easy way to create this fab dish!!

I’m going to hop to the recipe. I’m feeling pretty introverted this week. I just want to cook, run, yoga and write chapters more than recipes, but I am committed to both and I’m using my precious time to do what is important to me. It’s much easier now that I’m not so focused on my social life and lying around curing hangovers. Funny I haven’t been sick this year yet!! Yay for good living.

So, to make this recipe you need some leftover meat, or not. It’s fabulous with andouille alone, so if you just cannot wait to make it, hook that ish UP. It makes a big ass pot, so I hope you have homies to share with, or cut the recipe in half.

What You Need:

2-3 c leftover pulled pork or beef roast

1 package andouille sausage

5 stalks celery fine diced

4 bell peppers 2 red 2 green fine diced

1/2 large vidalia onion fine diced

2 Tbsp olive oil

2 cloves minced garlic

1 Tbsp Cajun seasoning

1 can diced tomatoes and green chilies

1 can each Busch’s™️ red, black, kidney and pinto beans. I get the ones that are in sauce and seasoned, then I barely have to add any additional flavors.

Prepared rice of your choice. I used my own recipe for Perfect Brown Rice.

What You Do:

First get your veggies prepped by sautéing them in the olive oil. I use a big stock pot and do the veggies, meat and beans all together. I’m usually prepping this and my rice at the same time.

While veggies and rice are doing their things, you can cut up the andouille and get your leftover meat ready.

Soon as veggies are slightly soft and opaque, add in garlic, Cajun seasoning, the roast and the sausage.

The fat from the leftover meat and the andouille along with the seasoning will lend tons of flavor now. Plus it will lubricate everything and keep it from sticking.

Let this all heat through while you crank open your beans. I only drain and rinse the kidney beans. The rest have amazing sauce. Use it. It’s bean gravy, man!!

Get the beans in the pot and let it come to a gentle simmer. Only stir with wooden spoons, and do so gently. That way you don’t make refried beans out of it.


Serve over, under or beside your hot prepared rice. Or, you can be super fucking extra amazing (like me) and represent your intention of balance like I did here.

It’s time for my Hump Day run.

Namaste, Cookers!!


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