Taste of the East Won Ton Tacos

There’s no story today. No subject to blog on. I’m literally laying around the house getting ready for a busy work night.

I’ve recently started eating during the day again. I think with my rigorous physical training IF just wasn’t cutting it. I feel sluggish a lot when I’m doing that, and I don’t like sluggish. Not my thing. I like pep in my step and to be on full alert.

While I find it difficult to prep 3 meals and 2 snacks a day; I do recognize that I was at my most fit when I was doing exactly that. Thing with my life is, I am getting so in touch with who I am, that I am starting to listen to my body and trust what it tells me.

Anyway, I wanted these little won ton tacos from my fave BBQ joint, but I am also at a point where I really want to know what’s going in my body, so it’s best to make my own food.

These are so effing easy. Watch!!

What You Need:

Marinated pork loin roast <<<< link to my fave

1 bag Asian chopped salad from Taylor Farms™️

24 wonton wrappers

1/4 c Szechuan sauce

Cooking spray

What You Do:

You’ll want to slow cook the pork in a crock pot 8-16 hours. I say this because I did cook mine 16 hours on low to get it tender AF.

When it’s done and tender, shred or chop it up.

Add in the Szechuan sauce and mix it up.

Prep the salad just as it says to. Let it chill an hour at least to get the flavors married through.

Now you prep your wontons!! Fun time!!

Heat oven to 425.

Spray the outside of an inverted muffin tin with cooking spray.

Place your folded wraps between the muffin cups like this…

They only take 3-4 minutes so stay close by.

Now that everything is ready, just fill the wontons with that yummy shredded pork, top with the chopped salad and VOILA!!

Now go. Get your grub on!! You could make these with egg roll wraps for bigger ones. That is totally a matter of preference. I would also maybe try a Sriracha aioli or wasabi something sauce in these, but I literally ate mine in Taco Stand. Oh, you didn’t know about the new yoga pose I just created?? Lol.

Enjoy the weekend, Dolls. XOXO


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