Southwest Chicken Cobb Salad

It’s been a beautiful week full of gorgeous sunshine and blue skies.

As promised, I am bringing you another fresh and healthy dinner that you can whip up in no time. This salad brings it with a mix of textures and tastes that become an exciting palate party with each bite.

We’ve been busy as usual sprucing up the house and getting the dogs back on a routine that includes lots more time outdoors.

I’m developing a new routine of my own based on the fact that my man has been bitten by the cooking bug.

That’s right. He’s food inspired and I practically had to bully my way into the kitchen today to produce this meal.

I’m not saying I mind him taking over cooking. Sometimes.

See, the food was my thing. My thunder. He didn’t steal it, but he is definitely cooking up his own storm.

Instead of being bitchy, I’ve decided to be grateful and use the time for my other interests, and while it took some getting used to; I’m starting to like it. A lot.

I used to cook like it was my job, and while I know he appreciates all that, it’s not required or expected of me. It’s nice to not have to plan and execute several meals a week. We do some together, we do some on our own. It’s working out just lovely.

My yoga is progressing nicely and I’m excited to say that I was on my mat at least once every single day in March. I’ve been finding that adding at least one good habit a month is the very best way for me to stay consistent with any positive changes.

This year is going to be one of major growth in the commitment areas of my life. I’ll just say it. I’ve been wishy washy AF. I would go from one idea, hobby, habit to another and on again off again with just about everything.

It takes lots of soul searching to figure out what you love, who you love and how to love. Once one dedicates him/herself though, best believe growth and change will come quickly.

My life is so stable it’s a bit scary to me sometimes. Not so scary that I’m going to be questioning it or doubting it. That always causes troubles, so I think I’ll just keep to my routine, stay grateful, be loving and humble; and keep living in the present moment doing the things that make me happy. Today, what I needed to make me happy was to get in that kitchen!!

I did an hour of beautiful yoga, got dressed up, went out to get movies, print my class workbook for the month and do a little shopping for dinner and the week to come.

I had a plan to make this salad, but I knew I might have trouble getting good avocados. It seems I can never find them just right, but today was my lucky day, so the plan was coming together and I could quickly move through my list and get out of the store, which was a major goal.

It’s awfully in “peopley” in the grocery store on a Sunday afternoon. I find it a great practice in compassion to gently smile at the woman who is totally screaming at her raucous children in the middle of the aisle. Today, I am someone who can do this.

Alright. This recipe is super easy. It involves baking or grilling chicken, and a bit of chopping. That’s it!!

What You Need:

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts

1 Tbsp McCormick BBQ seasoning

2 bags Dole BBQ Ranch chopped salad

1/2 c BBQ sauce

1 avocado diced

1 small onion, diced

1 red bell pepper, diced

1 c canned sweet corn, rinsed and drained

1 c canned black beans, rinsed and drained

1/4 c shredded pepper jack cheese

What You Do:

Heat oven or grill to 350.

Sprinkle BBQ seasoning on chicken.

When grill or oven is ready, bake covered 30 minutes or grill until almost done.

Brush with BBQ sauce and finish cooking.

While chicken is cooking prep your veggies.

In a large bowl, mix up the salad kits, but leave out the bag of crunchy deals. We will use those for garnish after salad has been assembled.

Divide the salad mix in 2 large salad bowls. This was our meal of the day, so we went big.

Lay out your beans, corn, onions, peppers and avocado in rows on each salad bed.

Chop the chicken and place it in the center.

Sprinkle cheese on each.

Garnish edges with the crispies that are included in the salad kit.

That’s IT!!

It is so crunchy you almost get a workout just chewing it. I love these slaw like chopped salads from Dole because let’s face it, lettuce is lame and lacks nutrition.

Get your chew on, and have a great week, Dolls.


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