Dessert For Dummies aka Dump Cake

Have you all heard of the culinary phenomena known as “Dump Cake”??

I’m sure everyone has by now, but let me ask you; how do you feel about that damn name??

Let me tell you how I feel about it.

To me, it’s super gross. Call me immature or whatever, but when I say “Dump Cake,” I think of something like a big frosted cow patty.

Maybe that’s why I’ve been in love with this dessert for all of about 28 years, but I’ve never made it. I can’t bring myself to answer, “dump cake,” when someone asks what it is. And they will ask. If you’re a good cook, they always ask.

In my life I’ve had 3 versions of the cake.

One of my daddy’s lady friends…

Let me stop bullshitting. She was his weed suppliers wife for God’s sake, and she was a helluva baker.

Anyway. The weed dealer chick who’s name we will leave anonymous, brought us one for Christmas. It was 1992, and I only remember that because my baby girl got to have some and was delighted by it. As bad as I was as a mom, I know the child wasn’t eating cake at only 8 months old, so it couldn’t have been 1991.

The weed man’s lady made a tropical version with banana cake and tropical fruit cocktail. Not sure what else she put in it, but stay tuned because that ish was delish, and I’m going to re-create it at some point. Believe those words.

I got to try another version later on in the 90’s, made by a wonderful lady named Barb Reeve. I can say her name. She wasn’t a weed dealer. She was the mother of a dear friend and she taught me a few crucial things about cooking. Hers was like the traditional recipe I keep seeing, but I know she did something more than just the 3 ingredients. Firstly, because that family can COOK, and secondly because I had others since and they suck. So there’s that.

And then the 3rd version I mentioned just now. The one with 2 cans, a box and some butter. I don’t know what they’re doing, but it’s not like the others. For one; I don’t think it’s enough stuff. So naturally, you’ll see that I added some extras to my mix. If you’re going to write a fucking blog about “Dump Cake” it had best be a deluxe version, right??

Now, to be clear here and to keep it real, my first attempt sucked. And also let me advise you, especially if you write a food blog; it’s not wise to try a new recipe to take to a gathering. But, I’m me, and my fun life has been created by poor decisions, and things usually work out more than ok, if not better!!

I was going to a memorial for one of Charlie’s pals that had recently passed away, (Charlie is my dad) and I had offered to bring a passing dish.

My girlfriend, as well as the daughter of the deceased, had told me that Sonny really liked Cherry Pie a lot, so I agreed to make some. Problem was, I don’t have 10 pie plates, and I don’t like cheap metal ones for pie, so I decided to make cobbler. Then, because I am a very busy person, and I also definitely like to do something different; I decided to make this instead.

If you follow this blog; you know how I feel about unnecessary stress these days. It’s a no no. There’s enough unavoidable stress we don’t get to “just say no” to, but creating extra difficulty for ourselves is just plain goofy. I won’t even spend a minute talking of that because this dessert is totally stress free!!

I’m not sure where the hell that expression, “easy as pie,” comes from, but it’s a lie. Pie is not easy if you’re a real domestic Goddess. I’m just saying. With this you actually get something easy, that tastes like pie. Easy like pie??

As I mentioned, the first 2 that I made for the memorial were weird. I was harsh in saying they sucked. If you can’t fix dessert with whipped cream; then it sucks. Just follow my instructions and you’ll be fine.

Somehow I got the idea to melt the butter, and that wasn’t ok. It made dry spots on top, so I did as I said and I covered the entire thing in whipped cream. No shame to my game. I had to leave the gathering early for work, but my friend said it got polished off quick. I know the one I made on the second attempt was a true success because we only brought 2 scoops home. No whipped cream necessary.

That’s my happy ass getting ready to dig in.

No, I didn’t go to Easter dinner like that!! C’mon, maaan!!! This pic was in the after dinner mode. You know, sweats and shit.

Here’s the “dinner with fam” version…

Thank goodness for makeup and hair clips.

I like to pop in and show you I’m a real person once in awhile.

Anyway!! This is the easiest dessert, besides mug cake, I have ever made. No eggs. No mixer. No roller. No frosting. No NOTHING. Dump your shit in the pan, cut up some butter on the top, bake until it’s done. Presto.

Here’s why it’s attractive to me: my man LOVES pie. He ain’t about that cake life. He likes fruit and crust, but this thing I made, well it’s the perfect cross between cobbler, pie, cake and crisp!! I’m serious!!

It’s a great dessert for us because I love cake. I see many versions of this in my baking and blogging future.

Are you ready?? I swear that making this “cob-pie-cake-crisp” will probably be easier than reading my silly blog.

What You Need:

2 cans cherry pie filling

1 can crushed pineapple

1 box cake mix (I used Cherry Chip)

1 and 1/2 stick of butter

1/2 c chopped walnuts or pecans.

What You Do:

Preheat oven to 375°

Spray or grease a 9×13 baking pan

Open the pineapple and dump into pan.

Spread it out evenly.

Open cherry filling and dump both cans over pineapple and spread out.


Sift and sprinkle the cake mix evenly over the cake mix.

Sprinkle chopped nuts on top.

Cut slices of butter over top of cake mix.

Bake for 45 minutes while you do whatever you want to do. I watched “The Royals” and made other food.

Be sure to look in on it.

Remove and cool 4-24 hours before serving.

To store; cover and keep at room temperature 1 day, but refrigerate after that if there’s any left.

Other tips:

Be sure you spray your pan well.

Be patient. Be sure some filling is bubbling over, too, and the crust is golden.

It will be soft when you take it from the oven, relax. It does it’s thing while cooling.

Be sure you evenly distribute the butter, like this…

Check up on it every 20 minutes.

If you find you have dry spots add more pats of butter while baking. It’ll be ok.

You can serve with whipped cream or ice cream, if desired, but honestly it is really awesome just like this…

You guys; if you need a dessert in a pinch, you aren’t really into baking, maybe the kids want to make something; this is the recipe for you.

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, and you are enjoying the beauty of Spring and it’s new energy!!

All my foodie love, Chelle ❤️


Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission by the owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts or links may be used, provided that full credit is given to M.L. Clement or cHELLe ON WHEELS, LLC. with appropriate and specific direction to original content. In other words; if you steal my shit, I’ll call you out.


2 thoughts on “Dessert For Dummies aka Dump Cake

  1. Betsy Reeve

    My Easter dump delight: vanilla cake, peaches, pecans, coconut and it tasted like peach cobbler. None left, super easy, super yummy and a breeze to clean up (because everything goes in the trash) and the pan was empty so it went in the dishwasher. Love ya Shell. Thanks for sharing Auntie’s recipe (not the weed wife).


    1. Is this how Barb made hers??
      She told me several times, but I was certain I had forgotten by now.
      I know this. What you just listed is going in the pan next time!! I needed coconut!!
      Love you right back, my friend. Your family is fantastic!!


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