Leftover Turkey Crescent Ring

Good morning beautiful people!!

I’m breaking out of my book writing routine today to hook you up with a recipe that has eluded my perfectionist nature for years. Seems to be a trend over the past couple weeks to recreate old faves.

I’m feeling a sense of good nostalgia and remembering more youthful days. Back when I couldn’t boil a hot dog and used shit like “Hamburger Helper” and “Chicken Tonight,” but I was still trying.

I’m laughing so hard right now because I thought I was doing something back then.

Ok. Onward.

These turkey crescent rings aren’t a new thing, and I’ve been making them a long time, but they never really turn out “pretty” so I had yet to share the recipe. Actually maybe I did share it in the old blog, but that’s irrelevant. I’m a little better at this stuff today.

Aesthetics in food have become a big deal to me since I began food blogging. I look back at the old pics from “eat-clectic” and I cringe. Like, seriously you showed that hideous grub to the world in an attempt to get them to serve it to their family and friends?? Some of it was straight up ugly!! Oh well. We live and we learn, but we all have to begin somewhere.

Times have changed and made it easier to make food look fab. Our phones now have some bomb ass cameras with many sweet features (I haven’t touched my Fuji in ages), and food staging is definitely a “thing” now.

Anyway. Last week we started a purge of the kitchen that included the garage deep freeze. The entire house is getting purged in the quest to live a life of non-excess and to gain freedom from too many things.

Yoga is in action yet again.

We had a turkey in the freezer and so I cooked up the traditional dinner.

Here’s the pic of that plate. Sick, right??

I knooowwww.

But anyway, let’s talk about what’s important.

What to do with all the leftovers from a turkey??

Well, I have several recipes in my arsenal for that very cause. This time, on day 2, I chose a second round of this dinner because, I mean, look at it. Then we did hot turkey sandwiches, then buffalo egg rolls and finally this crescent roll thingy.

I remember my first time with this recipe. I made it for a work Christmas party, and even though it was ugly as sin, the thing got devoured in record time. I have had a hard time, up until now, of getting it melty in the middle without burning the bottom. Through my recent years of serious culinary exploration, I found the solution for that issue to be my beloved parchment paper. The baking woman’s best friend.

This is a creamy, meaty, cheesy, crunchy infusion with a touch of sweetness from dried cranberries. Now I’m going to get right into the recipe because it’s a little bit of a hassle to explain, but I have pics to illustrate how to put it all together.

Are you down?? Fantastic. I’ll pour some coffee and we will get right to it.

Ok. Hi there!! Back with cup of hot java in hand. Happy girl. Morning sleepy face. No filter.

The powers behind the scenes say a blogger needs to show their mug to make the blog more relatable, so while I’m sick to death of my own selfie; I shall do what is best for the future of my work as a writer and be uncomfortable AF putting my real face here more often.

Ahhh. That’s so good. I’m a tea lady on the regular, but some days ya just gotta have a coffee. Now I can write some words.

What You Need:

3 c leftover turkey, chopped

1/2 c mayonnaise

1 tub of whipped cream cheese

1 bag or 2 c shredded Swiss cheese

1/2 c finely diced celery

1/2 c finely diced onion

1/2 c dried cranberries

1/2 c chopped walnuts

2 packages of Pillsbury™️ Crescent Rolls of any type. I used the Sweet Hawaiian kind for this one. Yes!! They make them now.

Fresh ground pepper to your taste

Cranberry sauce for garnish. I just use the leftover homemade from turkey dinner or a canned type. It don’t matter, y’all. It’s just something extra. You know me.

What You Do:

Preheat oven to 375° (I LOVE my ° symbol)

In a big mixing bowl, mix all those ingredients, with the exception of the crescent dough and cranberry sauce.

It will get tough, so if you keep kitchen gloves on hand, use them and handle that ish!!

Now comes the challenge. Getting the rolls set up for a perfect “wreath”.

It’s easier if I show you pics, so I took some.

Line a round pizza pan with parchment paper and cut to fit edges.

Coat with baking spray.

Open and unroll a tube of crescents.

Pull them apart and lay them out with large flat end inward. You should have a 5-6 inch space of a circle.

Take the second roll and overlay them onto the first set. Like this…

That wasn’t so bad was it?? It’s all downhill from here, Dolls. Fill, roll, chill.

Now you’ll want to scoop or spoon the filling onto the pastry you’ve strategically set up.

After I scoop it on, I hand mold it and make it nice and even.

Now start folding the crescent points over and under. If they are super long, don’t be shy about folding them under before you wrap around the filling.

Then tuck the point end underneath the ring.


Is that not GORG??

Now, you can pop that puppy in the oven for just 20-25 minutes, and it’s DONE.

Voilà, Cookers!!

Well, wait wait wait!! It has to set up and cool a bit. If you cut it right out of the oven it will be a wreck. Sorry about that. I got all excited.

Let this stand about 15 minutes before cutting to serve.

You put very little work in and this dish is delish so go ahead and plate it up pretty. Or grab and grub. That part is completely up to you.

I personally like my food a little fancy. Again, that’s just my style.

I thought a pic to show the guts of this was very necessary.

You can fill crescent rolls with lots of things. I wrote a proposal to Pillsbury™️ yesterday to request their participation in a series of recipes using their products, so go ahead and stay tuned if you want to see what I get into with these. I’m thinking club, BBQ, meatballs, buffalo, ham and cheese, cordon Bleu, Hawaiian chicken, Philly cheesesteak and probably some desserts as well!!

I hope you all enjoy the dish AND all the “ooohs” and “yums” you get from those you serve it to. I’d tell you how to store the leftovers, but there have never been any. I assume an airtight container in the refrigerator would do, and I’ll bet these are just fine cold.

All my foodie love, Friends ❤️


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