Far Beyond Basic Redskin Potato Salad

Hey, All.

Happy belated Derby Day, May The Fourth and Cinco De Mayo!! I stayed busy all weekend cleaning and prepping for Sunday dinner, in between my work shifts and extra stuff I’m doing to earn money to publish my book. Agghhh. I can’t believe I’m doing this!!

The only reason this blog is getting written is because I’m home illin’ today. Not sure if it’s food flu from eating too much yesterday (it could happen), or if I have some actual sickness, but I feel pretty shitty, and thus, I’m at home today and tomorrow. My man is babying me just a little bit. All is well in my world.

I also might note that this pic got a decent response on the FB Page for this blog, so when that happens I write, because it doesn’t always, due to the fact that I don’t really “work the algorithm” and I definitely do not pay for views these days.

My writing isn’t about being “popular.”

I’m sharing recipes because it’s fun, and people need to get in the kitchen and dining room again. Gather, bitches!! Talk. Get off the cell phone. Look at each other!!

I have a story to go with this yummy cookout favorite of mine. It’s one of those retro passing dishes, and it’s one of the first recipes I made my own way. Early 90’s. A cookout at my apartment. Boys. Pantera. Pot. DRANKS!! Fun times.

For many years and at many events, this potato salad got the snub.

Someone doesn’t like eggs.

This whiner don’t like onions.

“Mustard don’t belong in potato salad.”

Radishes?? “Who even puts radishes in potato salad?!?”

I do, bitch. And pickles, and celery, and red onion. AND mustard, mayonnaise, and for the love of all things culinary, please forgive this blasphemy; there’s Miracle Whip™️ in there too. I tried to take it out, you guys. It ruins the recipe. It’s been the same for so many years, I refuse to change it, but I assure you, it’s the only thing I use that product in. Too much “tangy zip” for this babe.

People can make their faces and stupid comments. When I was younger I’d change my recipe to accommodate them too, and even this batch I intended to remove some at the “basic” state and set it aside for my friends dude, but I forgot and that’s ok.

Here’s what I told myself this weekend.

A good cook should not compromise a great recipe to suit others tastes. Just make a few alternate side dishes. In this very case I made coleslaw and smoked macaroni and cheese. Everyone was happy.

What shocked me was how people liked this potato salad yesterday.

I guess our taste buds do mature because when I was younger, no bullshit; I ate potato salad all week after a party to get rid of leftovers no one consumed. I guess I’ve always been a waste Nazi.

But yesterday, they took this stuff home!!

Don’t change your recipe. Get guests with better taste, is all I’m saying.

Alright, I want to roll this post out so you can try it soon. Whaddya think, shall we get cooking this loveliness??

Before you start, be sure you have a strong spoon for mixing. We broke a wooden and a pretty sturdy plastic one on this recipe. What can I say?? My food has substance.

Oh, also be sure you have made a big space in your refrigerator. This is a big recipe that needs to stay cold.

What You Need:

1 5 lb bag redskin potatoes, washed, any spots removed, cut into 1″-1.5″ cubes. I leave skin on mine, but that’s up to you. The good nutrition is in the skin though.

1/2 large red onion, fine diced

6 radishes, quartered and then sliced

4 stalks of celery, diced

1 and 1/2 c dill pickles, diced

6 eggs

2 and 1/2 c mayonnaise

1 12 oz bottle Miracle Whip™️ salad dressing

1/2 c yellow mustard

1 Tbsp cajun seasoning

10-12 turns of fresh ground pepper

10-12 turns ground sea salt

2 tsp celery seed

What You Do:

In a 10 quart stock pot, boil 6 quarts of salted water.

While waiting for water to roll, get all the veggies washed and prepped.

Mix them all into a large bowl together and just set aside.

Once water boils, add potatoes and boil until the cubes are tender.

I boil my eggs right in the potato water. It’s all getting drained and rinsed at the same time.

As soon as potatoes are tender, get them drained and then fill pan with cold water and immerse colander of potatoes in this to cool.

Also use your sink sprayer to cool the top layer.

This is just my method.

However you cool your stuff, do that.

Once all is chill, empty the cold water from pan, wash it out and place the potatoes back in.

Take the cooled eggs out and set aside.

If you’re still prepping veggies, add the mayonnaise, Miracle Whip™️ and mustard to the potatoes and stir until all are well blended in.

Put this in the refrigerator and finish up veggie prep, OR

If you’ve gotten all your stuff prepped, just gently fold it all into the potatoes.

Season it all with the cajun seasoning, salt and pepper.

Transfer into your serving bowl.

I reserve the celery seed for topping it at this point.

Now the eggs are up to you. People are forever on the debate about eggs in potato salad. I say “yes.”

However, to avoid the bitching; I put them around the edges in slices so my guests may choose.

I’m not Iron Man. I can bend a little.

These 2 were the stars of the cookout show.

They were also my lunch today.

Hi, there from the hungry sick girl.

It is pics like this that have convinced me that I am beautiful with no filter, but my food is not.

If you’ve noticed my absence here, it’s because I have been diligently working on elevating my food porn game by setting up a food studio in a corner of our home and learning how to stage and shoot plates. It’s more work than I thought, but I am loving it.

Have an A-MAY-Zing month, Cookers!! I’m going to be super structured, so I’ll see you here mostly on Sundays.

All the Love, Chelle ❤️👩🏻‍🍳❤️


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