Turkey and Trimmings Pizza

Long before the turkey and sides are all packed up in their respective containers and stacked neatly into the refrigerator each year, my food forward brain is trying to come up with ideas for the leftovers.

This year’s concoction was this masterpiece..

I’m good for the midnight turkey sandwich, as tradition would have it, but as the sun comes up on Friday morning, this girl is on to bigger and better things.

I’ve done the layered casserole, egg rolls, parfaits, sliders and my very favorite Leftover Turkey Crescent Ring, but this year I had pizza on my mind. I tried discussing the idea with the Mr, but he was having no part of this one. He’s a traditional pizza man, and he’s not a blender when it comes to his food. I’m not saying the dude needs a partitioned plate or anything, but I may just catch him cringing or nose wrinkling if I were to look up from smashing my fab Dagwood sandwich of turkey dinner. Yep. I stack it with dressing, yams, even a blob of cranberry sauce.

I was dreaming of this pizza from the time I got out of bed Friday morning until the minute I was walking out of work early AF because it was not the usual busy start of a weekend.

Oh well. I had a bunch of leftovers, a recipe plan and 2 episodes of “The Handmaid’s Tale” to view and seal up the binge I’ve recently been on. I was more than happy to leave work by 8.

We need not get into the big “how to” on this. Just buy or make a pizza crust and throw some grub on it, right??

Well, sort of.

I have a few tips, but I’ll keep it short and sweet.

I bought a 2 pack of pizza crusts because I knew Johnny wasn’t getting into this. He got his own pie with pepperoni, bacon, mushroom and onion.

Of course I stole a slice of his!! It was amazing.

I’m not going to go all “What You Need” and “What You Do”.

I did warm up my toppings just a little for the T & T Pizza. It helps in spreading the mashed potatoes, which is the first step.

Then I took the really moist parts of the dressing and pulled it off in little balls like sausage…

A little Gouda cheese to hold stuff together.

Then I added bits of chopped ham and turkey.

I piped little dots of sweet potato casserole here and there.

Add a little more Gouda.

Annnnd finally, for a decorative and flavorful flair, I piped a big spiral of gravy over the entire thing before baking it.

Oh, as far as that goes, just follow the directions on whatever crust you use, but I think 400° is the happy temp when it comes to pizza.

This baked about 13 minutes and I got down to the business of testing my work. It was killer. I was super hungry so I ate it before considering that maybe, just maybe I could use some cranberry relish as my “sauce” and dip this in. Good thing I have four big ass slices left for tomorrow. I’ll let ya know how that goes.

*Update 11/30/19

I did indeed dip this pizza in homemade cranberry relish this afternoon, and I gotta tell ya; it fuggin’ rules. It was the perfect finishing touch…

I hope you all had a family and fun-filled holiday, and that you’re taking time to look around every day and finding gratitude in what surrounds you.

Please share your leftovers recipes and drop a pic here or over on the FB Page. I love seeing what brilliant ideas others come up with!!

Happy Holidays, Cookers!!



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