Fresh Guacamole

This will be a very short and sweet post about my favorite green fruit and my favorite thing to do with it.

I buy a lot of avocado since I got on the keto train a couple years back. I am no longer living that life, but I’m still an avocad-hoe. I love them. I think we should trade in our old apples a day, because if you really want food that keeps the doctor away; this is it.

You can read up on the benefits of avocado anywhere. I’m just here to share my recipe for fresh guacamole.

As I was whipping this up, it occurred to me that lots of people are still buying that pre-made stuff from the local stores, and while some are good; others are crap.

Maybe it seems intimidating, or appears to be too much work. It’s not. At all.

I did this in 3 minutes flat. It will be the star of my crunchy chicken taco show tonight.

It requires a few ingredients in addition to 2 ripe avocados. I almost always have some over ripe ones in my kitchen because hard as I try to purchase them in stages and consume them before they go bad, it does not often happen. I throw too many out, and they are a little costly in Michigan.

These were the center of my meal planning this morning. Well, these, a juicy tomato, some prepped up chicken, a pack of shells in the pantry and way too much cheese in the deli drawer of my fridge.

Watch how easy this is. Then taste the difference between a fresh batch and that container of preservatives you get in the store.

What You Need:

2 soft avocados

1 Tbsp minced garlic

1/2 Tbsp lime juice, fresh or bottled

5 turns of ground sea salt

5 turns fresh cracked pepper

1 dash of cumin

What You Do:

Cut the avocados in half lengthwise.

Turn each half to loosen the pit.

Remove the pit by either scooping it or smacking it with the sharp edge of a knife, then turn the knife to pull it out.

Scoop out the soft green fruit.

I happen to have a cute little tool that handles all 3 processes.

I got this one from one of those school fundraiser catalogs, but if I were looking for one, I’d look at Williams-Sonoma or Pampered Chef to find it.

Place the avocado in a glass bowl and add the other ingredients.

Mash it to your liking and serve with chips, on tacos or any of your fave Tex-Mex dishes. If I have any leftovers, I’ll be enjoying it on toast with a poached egg.

Mine will be in the refrigerator for a couple hours incorporating, and I am having a tough time not dipping, but I’m a dedicated intermittent faster, so I must control myself until 2PM.

It’s taking all the will power I possess, as my yoga practice today was WORK.

Anytime you burn 413 calories on the mat, you know you rocked it. For the record, this is a combo of my asana, pranayama and meditation. Mondays are made for mass action and manifestation. I use my time on the mat to work up abundance and good energy for the week. You should try it!!

I’ll see you all tomorrow for a new Tea Tag Chat.

Go get some ripe avocados for your Taco Tuesday if you feel so inclined.

I’ll enjoy these on this Monday!! Yeah. I couldn’t resist coming back to show it on my 2PM taco lunch. A beautiful way to break the fast today!!!

Some tacos with your guacamole, Chelle??


I don’t play!!

Let me know what ya think!!


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