Connecticut Style Lobster Rolls

I had the worst insomnia the past 24 hours. I was up far too early on Sunday, even though I tried my best to sleep in. I’ve developed the “early to rise” and “sleep when you’re dead” habits my dad always preached about, although I can usually pull off at least 6 and a half hours.

I was in bed by 10 last night reading Prince’s marvelous autobiography titled The Beautiful Ones, but the entire time I was trying to decipher 20 or so wildly handwritten pages, I was thinking I should just write the damn recipe for this and not put it aside to the land of never written blogs.

I’m a commitment phobe. There. I said it.

I will shy away from commitment every time to avoid getting myself into some shit I either think I can’t live up to, or don’t believe I deserve. Another of my dad’s old funky habits.

I’m on a mission for betterment, and not following through on things I start is a big issue I’ve been working on. So that’s why I was awake at 1:30AM after a couple hour nap. Not writing this last night was keeping me awake. I stayed low key so the house could remain snoozed, but I planned out a few cool meals to share over the next few weeks, and tried to fall out. Nope. My head was still swimming with seafood. Frutti di Mare, Shrimp and grits (I might have already blogged that one), low country boil on the stove top. All of these are on the mental list.

But the lobster roll I had for dinner kept creeping in too. Like it was reminding me, please not to send it to the dark and dank dungeon of files “TBC.”

I got up at 3:30 with the man and the pups, had some tea and started to write this thing so it would leave me be. The goal is to have it published by noon, so enough with the small talk.

This roll is inspired by those simple but fabulous buttered chunks of succulent sea flesh wrapped in a plain AF white hot dog bun that I once got ahold of at a food truck. If I could remember the name of the truck, I’d definitely give a shout out. It was my first and only good lobster roll.

I only gave this a shot because I had a huge pot of New England Clam Chowder to feed on if these didn’t turn out alright. What could go wrong?? Well, smelly lobster, rubbery lobster, mushy lobster. Bad lobster was the only risky thing with this recipe. Oh, and also that I couldn’t get my hands on any New England style split buns, so that kinda sucked. Johnny grabbed regular buns and pretzel buns. The folks who ate the rolls on white buns loved them, and my pretzel bun held up well under the fluid pressure of melted butter and juicy tails.

Now, I was super lazy yesterday, and I used some shortcuts. The frozen lobster meat was one of them. I don’t care. It was wild caught and ended up being delicious, so if you also don’t live that coastal life, it’s ok to ahead and work with what’s available and what fits your budget. Just one tip. Be sure you drain and dry frozen lobster. If it’s too wet, it will wreak havoc on your butter-garlic-shallot sauce. It’s already cooked, so let it get to room temp so it doesn’t have to warm in the pan too long, resulting in chewy seafood.

It’s 7:30. I’m usually just getting up and around, but I’ve already gotten everything but my 3 miles in this morning.

I’m thinking a nap will be in order. I’m so grateful I don’t work until 5PM, and also that this wasn’t a drug induced insomnia like the old days.

Here’s your recipe. It’s easy AF as long as you have good lobster and for goodness sake use real butter. Always.

What You Need:

24 oz fresh or frozen lobster meat cooked, drained, dry and room temperature

4 buns or hoagie rolls, hollowed

1 & 1/2 stick high quality butter

1/4 c shallots minced super fine

4 cloves garlic minced super fine

What You Do:

Grill or toast the buns, if you want to, by opening them up and buttering the inside, then laying butter side on hot griddle until golden. Or you can dry sear. I did neither. I told you I was lazy.

Set the buns off to the side.

Be sure you have your lobster meat out of packaging and already dried by blotting with paper towels.

On medium heat, melt the butter in a sauté pan.

Add shallots and cook until tender.

Add garlic and cook for another minute.

Now just toss in the lobster meat and sauté until it’s just warmed through. Watch it close so it doesn’t get rubbery. The hot butter will warm it up.

Spoon one quarter of the lobster into the hollowed out buns, and drizzle with a little more butter from the pan.

That’s it!! I didn’t get lots of pics of the roll. My hands had butter all over them.

Here’s one on a plain white bun…

Here’s the one I pretty much inhaled.

I can’t wait to do these again, and I’ll probably try to get my paws on some of those yummy buns that are the traditional boat for this lobster loveliness, but I don’t think it matters. It’s lobster and butter. I think any bread will do in all fairness.

My dogs are out cold. I think it’s time to join them for a little siesta. I’m almost 4 hours ahead of the goal, so why not.

Buh Bye, Cookers.


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