Tuesday Tea Talk: Let Things Come to You

It’s going to be a short and sweet post, friends.

I have to work in a few hours, and my feet still hurt from yesterday and the weeks prior. Holidays in the service industry can suck, but the old bank accounts are getting fatter. No time to spend. Work. Deposit. Eat. Sleep.

I had a double tea this morning with just a little caffeine because I needed a lift for the shift, if you will. I chose to reflect on this tag of the 2.

This entire year I have been working on the concept of “flow” over “force.” It’s been coming along nicely even though I haven’t mastered it yet. I still can be a little pushy when it comes to some things, but what I am learning to release is attachment to outcomes. I finally understand that I don’t have control over a damn thing in this world besides myself and my reactions or responses.

Eckhart Tolle said, “My secret?? I do not mind what happens.”

In my own words, grow with the flow and do your best to stay grateful.

This morning, the tag aligns perfectly with how I want to live. Not pushing or pulling through life. Just gliding.

Living in flow has been a big challenge. I once felt I had to control everything in my life and I wanted results to happen as of yesterday. Sometimes before I took the necessary actions to acquire whatever outcome I desired.

Here are things I’ve told myself all year:

  • Let life happen organically.
  • Let people vibrate toward and away from you as the Universe sees fit.
  • Allow situations to unfold without your contribution or voice.
  • Live within your means and be fiscally responsible.
  • Don’t try to be more than you are in this moment. Just be.
  • It’s fine to have high hopes, but none of the dreams come true without action.
  • Work hard, but don’t stress over the job ever.

The action was getting clean. The action was dealing with my mental, physical and spiritual health. The action was cutting ties to people who I knew didn’t really care for me. The action was working on my finances and home life. The action was taking care of me so I could better care for others. The action was living authentically no matter the cost.

Now, can I just be and let things come to me??

It’s a work in progress.

Things have been coming to me for quite awhile now. It’s not because I am sitting around “letting” them, but because I am living in the moment and doing all that I can to build the life of my dreams a minute at a time, but not taking any of it all too seriously.

I allowed the ideas for my book to come on their own instead of forcing the words just to get it done.

I allowed my body grace on the mat and the treadmill this year instead of forcing a posture or that next mile.

I removed myself from social media to stop forcing or imposing my ideas on others, to end the constant feed of too many people’s thoughts, and to allow real connections to happen in my life. It’s peaceful over here. I just write this blog and whoever reads it, reads it. And I don’t worry much about it.

I can’t close today’s chat without sharing a pic of my engagement ring. I’m still a girl. I’m still amazed that someone really wants to marry my crazy ass, especially someone as cool as Johnny. I’m also still amazed each time I look at my left hand.

Simple. Vintage. Clean. Elegant. Deep.

I’ve always loved the emerald cut because it’s facets are more subtle and modest. Perhaps over the next couple of years while I wear it, it will gently remind me to be more of those things.

I don’t have a fairy tale proposal story. We decided to get married for REAL in July. I chose a date and a ring. The only surprise was that I got a ring sooner than expected. That’s it.

In order to have this man in my life, I definitely had to “let” some things come to me and be. I had to stop pushing him away and trying to destroy a relationship with him because at one time I didn’t believe I really deserved it.

I also had to not push him into the whole getting married thing like many women tend to do. I had to chill and just let us unfold, and boy have we?? Once I stopped forcing outcomes, our life flourished and I saw what it was like to really be loved without condition.

Today’s tea tag is on point, and I will keep this as a mantra for 2020 and beyond.

It’s a double edged sword of sorts. We have to relax and not pull things to us and we also have to allow things to gravitate to us by not resisting change.

Live in love. Take care of yourself. Let all the goodness come to you. Accept it when it does.

Merry Christmas, my friends.

I’ll see ya Sunday or next week.


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