Tuesday Tea Talk: Appreciation of Self & Honoring Your Soul

I plan to get this post done in the 7 minutes it takes to steep my tea from now on. I’ve come to see that some blogs are too long winded and a bit redundant. I always have new stuff happening, so there’s no reason to be repetitive.

I’ve been changing things up, seeing what really works for my life and what really doesn’t. In the midst of all the trial and error I’m finding myself more calm and more focused than I have ever been. I’ve found my sweet spots in most areas of life. I’m also as clean and happy as I’ve ever been.

Today I felt the urge to lift weights. I’m super stuck to my yoga mat, and it’s my first love fitness wise. Because it makes me fit mentally and physically, it pretty much takes precedence over everything else in my life. Period. It’s my BAE. Before anything or anyone else, I go to my mat. But I love lifting, or used to.

Somewhere in my yoga travels, I was given advice that yogis shouldn’t lift weights. I don’t know who, where or when I got attached to this idea, but I did.

Well, fuck that noise. No yogi should be telling a new yogini how to run their fitness program. That’s all very personal and there are only 3 “rules” or high suggestions, rather, in yoga that I now follow.

1. No eating 2 hours prior.

2. Don’t shower before yoga.

3. No caffeine before class.

You can do your own research on the whys of all that.

Today I honored my soul by lifting some heavy shit. Then this lovely mug of DeTox tea…

So, this tag is fucking awesome!! It really sealed my deal this morning after the lift. I get my validation from the tea tags these days, my friends. And I swear they never disappoint.

Funny thing though. I have been better at appreciating myself for awhile now. I’ve lifted some heavy shit in life, and I feel like I have really managed to overcome. It’s not perfect. I miss my family. But I absolutely cannot sit around and wallow in guilt or regret. I have to continue getting smarter, healthier, grounded, in tune. Better. That’s my life’s work. Nothing more. So by getting up and doing what I do each day, I think I am showing much love and appreciation for me.

I honor my soul by living an authentic life regardless of any thoughts or talk about me, and despite when even I feel like I’m a little “out there” with my ideas about how to become the best version of me.

It’s not by being on social media trying to show off or change the world perspective and health issues, as I used to believe. We honor our souls by doing whatever it takes to walk in peace. Most days that’s a lot of meditation, yoga and keeping to myself.

Today I needed to see if there was still a beast alive inside my peace loving soul. I cranked up my playlist that is actually soft and strong. It has a mix of Prince, Pac, Dre, and even Madame X was there encouraging me to “Vogue” during one set. It doesn’t matter. The Universe gave me the songs I needed to knock out those reps and feel the burn. Yeeeah. There’s still a beast in there. One who still loves a selfie every once in awhile!!

I’m not trying to be cute. I’m better at being real.

I honored my soul today by singing loud and dancing through my workout, not caring that a FedEx delivery is scheduled and my carrier might hear me rocking out or grunting. I used to skip chanting and running on days I knew a package was coming. I worried they might think I’m crazy. By now they know all to well what I’m up to in here. I know they hear the stereo blasting and me singing during my runs. I know they hear the loud chakra cleansing music and vocal part of my meditation.

“Saaaaa Taaaa Naaaa Maaaaa!!”

I don’t caaaare!! I’m spinning happily through this life not giving a damn about the opinions of others, and doing my very best to be part of the “Great Awakening” that Anodea Judith writes about. If you don’t know about her or this, I suggest some digging. I can’t advise. I’m just learning.

BUT, I’m free of caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, all the dirty substances, and I’m working to be free of the excess weight that holds me down. I mean that absolutely literally and metaphorically. There isn’t much left in either area, but the last pounds and people are the hardest to shake. Just saying.

I hope something here inspires you today to be appreciative of YOU, and to please honor your soul by giving yourself the gift of freedom from what people think.

Please be weird, zany and out there, but also free of ideas and people that limit you!! I’m here to tell you that when we honor our souls we liberate our lives.

I’m just figuring things out myself, but I know I’m on the path that was meant for me. Finally.

Your Soul Honoring Sister, Chelle.


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