Tuesday Tea Talk: In with Simplicity, Out with Complications

Who else is actually sort of enjoying our “Stay at Home” order?

Well, I’m not going to tell any lies. I’m loving my part time position at the job. I went from 6 nights a week to 3!!

Due to some very generous clientele, along with my mad manifesting skills, the income in our home has not changed, so I’m super grateful for that facet of this entire thing. Funny isn’t it? Ever year for the last 3, I have increased my income but decreased the hours worked outside the home. I’m telling you, Cookers. Law of Attraction, manifestation chain, meditation, chakra work, asana, vision boards!! If you want to make some new and positive things happen in your life; DO THAT SHIT!!

There are plenty of books out there to teach you. If I give you the low-down, I’m charging a percentage, so don’t ask me. Yes, bitches, I am still on my hustles!! I’m here to make suggestions and to inspire you, not hold your damn hand.

Let’s dig into this tea tag because it is appropriate AF right now!! I’m a little all over the place today, so forgive me. Lots of thoughts flowing and I haven’t had tea with you in awhile. It’s like talking an old friend’s ear off when it’s been too long between visits.

To be totally and completely honest, guys, I wasn’t going to do any more of these until the new tea came in, but it’s taking a decade to get here. In defense of Snarky Tea, I ordered a mountain of shit, so don’t take that the wrong way. They are an amazing company. The Yogi teas will still be consumed daily, but I’m tiiiired of all the compassion and love talk, y’all. I need to feed my bitchy side more often than sometimes. I still like her. And let’s just be real; tea titles like, “Namaste MF,” “Fierce Bitch,” and “Calm the Fuck Down” just suit me better. You know. All that take no shit attitude just works!!

I do have news I’ll get to, which is also why I’m sitting for tea with you today. This tag just happened to be on point.

Has this particular tag quote been the case for anyone else??

Since this all started, life really has been more “simple” for us. I can’t speak for him, but being isolated is kind of something I need practice at, and if you’ve been here since the beginning, you know I spent last year pretty much on our property and my yoga mat getting down to the root of some issues long overdue being dealt with.

I was starting to slip. I went on vacation in February and just never came back from it. Eating bad food, not hitting the mill or mat, drinking too much, smoking, engaging in too much social media, etc.

Literally 8 weeks of that bullshit, and I’m ok with it. I’ve been on a self improvement roll for about 5 years. I needed and deserved the entire 56 days.

Well, before I left I made a big old list of things I was going to tackle when I got home.

Needless to say I came home to chaos. I’m so glad I got my little Gulf Coast escape before hand. I’d be losing my shit right now otherwise, I’m sure of it. But after the chaos came a sense of calm I’ve never known in my life. You see, my own personal paradigm has shifted, and I no longer live in the stress of the world around me. I don’t spend my precious time thinking about what was or what will be. I live in the now. And the now is kinda like paradise.

With the current situation, we get to see the fruits of our labor in personal development. This is the time to sit still, look back and reflect.

But, we can’t just forget that outside of our little paradise, some folks are struggling. I feel for anyone going through rough times due to this virus, and I am doing my best to help where I can. Give time to your family right now, my friends. Your parents and your children need you more than ever. Your strength, courage and faith will radiate unto others, I promise.

I’m happy to be learning the very lesson that the tea tag exposes today.

For me it’s important to own that I’m the one who complicates my life. All the reaching, seeking, needing I used to do made every situation complicated. I find that if I sit back, do my own next right thing and allow life to flow, the Universe just keeps slinging gifts my way.

Always seeking makes us appear desperate and needy. And it’s not how we appear to others that matters, but the lack of fulfillment that always occurs when seeking from something outside of us that is self defeating AF.

A simplistic attitude develops when we finally decide to live in acceptance of the fact that we control very little. Try as we will, we can’t decide how other humans treat us, the world or themselves. We can’t control if our parade gets rained on. We can’t control if a relationship is not meant to work.

I don’t want you to confuse simple with a simpleton attitude. I’m not into that. Take the time we have right now and look at it as a gift. Simplify your own life by making honest decisions about what you really need to be happy and free. Joy and freedom don’t come from material things, other people, cash flow, or engagement on social media.

Ahhhh. Social media. My old nemesis. I’m going to tell you my news now.

I took a detox recently to get my head straight. I always tell my readers so they don’t feel abandoned, but it’s not necessary. I’m not that important. Last week when I decided to take a few days off, I did something different. I didn’t make a huge deal of it or go out with a bang. I also did not set a time limit. I made the decision that what I do or how I handle my SM life is up to me. I don’t need to give any explanations to anyone. It’s something I have an on and off relationship with, but it doesn’t need to be such a major thing.

3 day’s into detox, a girlfriend asked me to send her a video and I had to log into my FB to get it. I saw a red message dot in the top of my screen and immediately became annoyed because I can’t stand messenger.

I took a breath, gathered myself, stiffened up my delete finger, and I headed on over to the DMs.

What I found was an invitation from my friend, Rina to compete in “Speaker Slam”!! If you don’t know what it is, check out the link. A short description is that it’s an inspirational speaker competition. I am so honored that I was invited, and I have to say that this is one of my bucket list/vision board items. I’ve got my speech written and I’ve been practicing it daily. My outfit is perfect and I’m excited about the entire thing. I do have a story, and this is a window of opportunity that only opened because I wasn’t seeking!! Not complaining about the time at home, not thinking about stuff I’m missing out on, not looking for shit to be angry about. Instead I took stock in this fabulous life and the home I get to stay, the time I get to spend working on my many dreams.

It always always always comes down to attitude and gratitude. I run my life like I do my nutrition plan. 90% clean, 10% filthy AF. None of us is perfect, and if we can remember that, live in a simple manner, try to be mindful of our thoughts and attitude; then we will be privy to a much less complicated life.

Laugh long and love hard, Cookers and Crazies.


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