I Did a Thing Today…

You guys, I don’t have much time to drop words right now, but I want to share that I overcame a fear today and also fulfilled a dream.

I’m no longer on FB (no, for real) but I am considering opening up the Page to this blog during Inspiration Week. I’ll need to consult with my Higher Self before making that decision.

I’m writing today to tell you how good it feels to jump into a crazy ass dream with both feet!!

This window of opportunity opened when I needed it, and it let in a ray of light that will be life changing. So what I’m telling you is; DO HARD THINGS!!

Fuck your fears!!

Fuck the people who laugh at you or hate on you!! Let them concern themselves with their own issues, which are probably plenty if they’re worried about what you are doing!!

We can talk about this video later, but for now; give a view if you’re curious about who I am outside of the food and “f” words.

All my loving kindness, Chelle ❤️


2 thoughts on “I Did a Thing Today…

  1. Danita Ferreira

    Hi there! I have just enough time to drop you a line but I’ll watch your video later 😉 I just wanted to say Howdy & wish you well on whatever it is you’re doing.
    Take care,
    Danita 🙂

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