Get Your Ass Moving Coffee

Top of the morning, beautiful people!!

We are up early and squirrelly. The birds are chirping and I am going to drop a quick post about the fuel that starts my every day rolling.

Many folks call this Bullet Proof coffee, but that is actually the name of a coffee company that produced the original recipe.

A question I often get that led me to compose this blog is, “why all that stuff in your coffee??”

There are a few reasons I enjoy this blend of organic java beans with butter, MCT oil, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric, stevia and Himalayan sea salt. The first being that it starts my body out burning fat. The second is that it tastes delicious. Third, it keeps me satisfied until I break my 16 hour fast at 2PM each day.

Also, it gets me feeling like this…

Yes. That joint is part of the morning show around here lately. I am only working a few nights a week and I am down with the cannabis coffee combo. I like weed. I know that some may have opinions on that, being that I am an addict and all, but I work my recovery the way that keeps me off the straws, needles and glass. It’s all good if others disagree.

Anyway, let me get the details for this divine coffee written out so we can get after the day’s to-do list.

I started using this coffee when I was living the keto life. Fat coffee is the staple for that kind of nutrition plan, for sure. I have recently found that even if I am using a bit of carbs while I practice intermittent fasting, this is a life saver that helps me shed about 6 pounds per week. No keto. Just whole foods and clean foods consumed during my 8 hour eating window along with 30 minutes of cardio daily, 2 lift sessions per week and yoga erry damn day. Also, I do eat keto on weeks I don’t want to work out. That topic is an entirely separate blog.

In regard to this recipe though, it is really important to note that we cannot be consuming this in addition to a bullshit nutritional life, my friends. It is high in calories, but if you are active, it assists in the activities. It is not for those who eat high carb or a lot of processed foods. It is a breakfast replacement for me personally.

I will write more in depth about all this at some point, but in the meantime I would study up before starting a routine of regular consumption.

This isn’t as easy as cream and sugar, but once ya get the hang of it; it rules the morning. The MCT oil acts as a brain fuel, so it alleviates morning fog. No need for the caffeine if, like me, you don’t like that high.

Here is a shot of the ingredients, but I have to note that you need to blend this in a processor or with an immersion (stick) blender. I use a single serve NINJA™️ cup to rock mine.

I think it best to use organic ingredients for this. I use organic whenever possible anyway, but you should all do research about coffee and spices, and why organic is just better. I will not be the messenger and take the backlash. If you’re not drinking organic coffee, you are pretty much drinking mold and/or pesticides.

I will give you the specs for a standard 2 cups, but sometimes I need a double up. A couple of days with my little princesses has this old G-Ma feeling the need for an extra kick in the ass.

Alright. Enough with the jibber-jabber.

What You Need:

2 c organic coffee brewed and hot. I use the “strong brew” button on our coffee maker for taste. My coffee is a blend of regular and decaf. I don’t be digging the jitters these days. That shaky shit upsets my vibe.

1 Tbsp coconut or MCT oil (start with half and work your way up to a full Tbsp)

2 packets of stevia

1 Tbsp grass-fed butter

2 dashes each organic cinnamon, ginger, turmeric

A few turns (7 for me) Himalayan sea salt

What You Do:

Start by putting just half a cup of java into the blender cup with all the other ingredients.

You don’t want to fill up because the steam will explode your cup, man. No. Really. It will.

If you use a stick blender, throw the same into a large insulated coffee cup.

Give the cup a quick buzz, then add more coffee to fill it up. This was full when I began writing.

Then go find a spot, pick your strain and have a sit. Roll up. Breathe gratitude, sip and set your intentions for the day.

I am currently taking an online advanced photography class. I’m hooked on Udemy, guys. This is an extension of the food pic class I took a few months back. So while I enjoyed this coffee I finished a few modules and learned about lighting, cleaning up faces and sharpening the entire pic. In other words, I learned how to filter pics without an app.

Now, I am an admitted hater of filters ever since an MLM cult got ahold of me a few years back. But even I know that most good photos are altered, so I played around with adjustments today and decided that if I want to create visual impact, and go to next level blogging, I need to embrace my photography software and also learn more about makeup because the less I have to fuck with a pic, the better.

Look, it’s my 20 year old self showing up to make all her dreams come true!!

I won’t talk much more on this because frankly, I am not happy with myself for giving in to the pressure of being better. But that pressure comes from me and I am only trying to be better than yesterday’s version.

I am happy to be learning new things, and happy that I am still teachable, open minded and willing to do whatever it takes to put my best work out. Even if that means ring lights, face gaff and more time spent on the photo edits. Ugh.

The changes are coming.

Have an amazing weekend, Cookers.


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