Grilled Sesame Salmon Chopped Salad

Happy Memorial Day weekend, Cookers.

I am planning on being super busy, so I want to get your weekly recipe post out today while I sip on coffee and dream of sliding into some white pants Monday.

Hey. It was my grandma who taught me no white pants before Memorial Day. She was such a diva. Absolutely elegant at all times.

As for her Emily Post era advice on fashion etiquette, I’m not sure, but I roll with it in honor of her memory and days of class. I mean, why not get out your crispiest white pieces for the first drunken bbq shin-dig of the year?? (Insert eye roll)

Love you, Glamma

Jeans and shorts and capris, oh my!!

Fuck, I hope they all fit!! That 8 week vacation weight is dropping off, but I was a little apprehensive while switching out the summer and winter clothes last night.

I’m not too concerned. Once I set my wheels in motion, shit gets handled.

Which brings us to my recipe installment for today.

These type of salads are our staples for fueling in the warm months. There’s nothing easier than grilled meat on a bed of crunchy salad. There are so many options to throw together a quick, tasty and nutritious dinner.

There were some salmon filets in the freezer and I had teriyaki marinade and glaze in the fridge, so all I had to buy was a couple bags of Asian Sesame chopped salad from the grocery store.

We are busting ass on the house, so expect to see a lot of these through the summer. I know they aren’t fancy and they probably don’t need a blog, but they are pretty enough to deserve one. Plus you know, I have to get my weekly attention fix. (Insert another eye roll and giggle). Gonna be one of those days, I see.

But they are super beautiful.

I hope you all have a kick ass holiday weekend. I will be off for 5 days after Saturday night, so I am looking forward to a week of home improvement and dream building. I also have a recipe for next week that is going to be a major project. I’m not giving any clues, but it will be a stunner if my vision comes together as I see it.

Ok. You ready to make the easiest and most delicious salad ever??

Get your big salad bowl and grill or skillet ready. Your ass will be throwing down in 10 to 15 minutes after you start cooking.

What You Need:

2 bags Asian style chopped salad. We used this

12 oz salmon

1 c teriyaki marinade

1/2 c teriyaki glaze

Sesame seeds for garnish

What You Do:

Place the filets and marinade into a zip bag and then set in the refrigerator in a bowl.

Mix the salad and dressing before cooking salmon so they have time to meld, but leave the toppings off for now.

Refrigerate the salad and get the salmon out.

Prepare salmon on the grill or in a cast iron skillet. I like to score the top first.

Just before the fish is done, brush it with your teriyaki glaze.

Divide salad into 2 large bowls.

Sprinkle with the supplied toppings, one for each serving.

Lay salmon over the salad. 6 oz for each.

Garnish with sesame seeds and scallions.

Maybe some sriracha drops around the bowl for effect and a punch of flavor.

Dig in.

The benefits of these are endless, as I have previously mentioned, but also note that chewing them probably burns off the calories within. They are SUPER crunchy!!

Go rock your weekend, Cookers!! Honor those lives lost in exchange for our freedoms. Yeah. Remember those?? (One more eye roll at our current situation)

Eyes don’t lie. I am laughing under there, but this situation is BS, and if I must wear covering, I will dress my face just like I do my body. To express a mood. Today’s mood is called “gangsta AF with a side of humor.”

I’ll see you on Tuesday for our weekly tea talk.


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