Tuesday Tea Talk: Weeding Our Life Gardens

Good morning, you sexy Cookers!! I hope you all had a fabulous Memorial Day filled with family, food, fun and fond memories made.

It is Tuesday, the holiday weekend is passed, the man is back to work, my body is wrecked and this is the current mood after waking up to gray skies and a sales call. Let us see if a cup of tea can pull my ass out of this mini funk.

Our weekend was pretty “worky.” Painting. Drywall. Weeding. But we enjoyed a few adult beverages and some great food, of course. I was able to get myself some much needed Mom/G-Ma time with my fave ladies yesterday. I helped the girls transplant flowers while their mama made her front porch pretty. It really is the little things, isn’t it??

Home ownership and maintenance is not for the weak, and when you live in a moody MFing climate such as the one Michigan possesses; you learn that when it is nice, you best get your shit done. Holidays and cook outs be damned, man.

I have had our entry taped off for like 6 weeks trying to get the ceiling painted, and only on Sunday did I feel confident enough to get after the project and not have to worry about it being tacky from the rains we have been getting. I have a “to do “ list as long as my legs and if you know me, you know that is one hell of a length.

I spent a lot of time in the yard this past weekend, as well.

While out getting my hands in the dirt I was having a bitch of a time pulling some old, tough dandelions and I found myself reflecting deeply on life and all kinds of philosophical items. I was thinking that weeds are the metaphoric equivalent of negativity. The longer you allow unsavory people and situations to feed from your soil, the stronger and larger they get, the more difficult they are to remove and the more exhausted, depleted and dull our beds of beauty become. The plants which inhabit our life beds are joy, love, gratitude.

Eventually the weeds will suffocate all the lovely flowers.

I also noted that there are tons of weeds. Weeds are all over. They grow freely with zero cultivation or rearing, while flowers must be raised and loved from seed to bloom.

So, how do we maintain our life gardens??

We weed them. Constantly and by way of vibration and use of intuition. We start paying attention to how we feel around and about certain humans and situations.

Being the transformation mode I am currently in, I knew on Sunday that it was meant to be written, what I was feeling out there while earthing, digging and pulling. Writing is how I release. Release is part of transformation. Transformation is never ending.

The weeding got pretty vigorous. I realized that this cleansing was representative of the actions I have been taking over the span of the past 4 years.

At times I would come across a weed that was questionable. You know, it had a little colored bloom on it, almost fooling me into keeping it around.

Like some people and situations, many weeds offer qualities that are endearing, but under the cute bloom (face) is a constricting and deadly grip that will absorb the life force of the brilliant flowers.

The colorful bloom is an illusion. And it might be a poisonous one.

At one point, just like in areas of life, I realized that a particular bed was just too overgrown for me to spend time trying to decipher what was ok to keep and what needed to be removed.

The entire thing needed cleared. It needs time rest, to replenish nutrients and then it can be rebuilt at a later date. Next season. Next year. Maybe not at all. Another metaphor related to recent decisions I am happy to have finally made.

I was as relentless in the pursuit of a clean foundation in our yard as I am in the pursuit of a clean foundation in my life.

I was so engaged in weeding and deep contemplation that I wore a hole right in the finger of the glove that graced my ripping hand.

I absolutely believe that it is ok to kill off our old selves and transform the fuck out of our lives. For some of us raised in “weedy” environments, like myself, and who grew with little cultivation or rearing, it has been necessary several times. Several more will occur.

See, our soul is the soil, so as an adult we get to choose what seeds we plant. As the tender of our life gardens, we also get to choose what we allow to flourish in our personal environments. We choose where to lay the soil, and the seeds that are cultivated within. If we choose wisely; our seeds of joy, love and gratitude will thrive and grow more abundant each blooming season.

Last week I was invited to take a 5 day or 2 week yoga workshop that focuses on Kali, the Hindu Goddess of time, death and doom.

Coincidence?? I don’t even believe in those.

This was synchronicity at its finest, my lovelies. I jumped into the 14 day workshop with zero hesitation. This is my time. The latest version of me is doomed and dying. The new one is going to emerge.

I’ll let you know next week how it goes and what it feels like to unleash the inner Kali. I have a feeling this workshop will solidify everything that has led up to it.

I’ll get answers to the questions, closure on situations, put an end to some shit and start new shit. I will move further from ego and closer to love. Every day, week, season, moon cycle, menstrual cycle, year. Every trip on and off the mat. Every word written. Every page turned and chapter read. Every cord cut. Every bond strengthened. Every old belief replaced by new ones. Every bad habit replaced by good ones.

This could be the week I have worked my entire life for. Another gift from Mama Universe, and I am grateful.

I’m feeling a little less weedy and a bit more rosy than when I sat down for tea.

This happy face is brought to you by a recipe of 16 oz of water upon waking, BP coffee, a bowl of sativa, a good run, power yoga, and writing while enjoying a smooth cup of “Wake the Fuck Up.”

Life is damn good today.

I have to say these teas are now a huge part of my morning medicine. They do exactly what they claim. I am ready to take on the world, but I don’t have to. Just my own yard, my own situation. I’m out here living the bliss life. I have no worries today. Smiles shall now abound.

How are you all doing??

Thanks for sitting down with me this morning. These chats are my weekly therapy session with some of the best therapists I know. The Universe and the YOU-niverse.

I love this space so much because I know that if you are here having tea with me, you are probably in some transformation or state of overcoming yourself and we are growing together to make the global garden a more gorgeous place to live and to walk.

Bloom, Bitches. Bloom!!




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