Spiked Lavender Lemonade

Hey, Cookers.

I’m still really not in the mood to write, but it is “Thirsty Thursday,” and I thought it better to write a cocktail recipe than to keep trying to avoid words altogether. Besides, I am always looking to add new content here, and this is a worthwhile post no matter how short and to the point I make it.

It’s been a powerful week, and I don’t have much to say for a change. It could be that I just had a three hour visit with a lady friend, so I’m all “expressed” out, or as I have been feeling the weight of current events; my words are totally irrelevant.

We can get right to the drinking part.

I’m not actually going to imbibe today. I don’t believe in mixing alcohol with melancholy moods.

I took this to a family gathering on Sunday, and it was a refreshing coolant out in the hot sun. Don’t let its foo foo looks fool you. They are easy drinking, but vodka is vodka, my friends.

The longer you steep the lavender, the stronger the flavor. I added “A” drop of lavender essential oil to mine because I was really wanting the relaxation properties to rock, but it isn’t needed if you simply steep the sprigs longer. Maybe you have oils, but not fresh lavender. Use the oils, for sure, but please be sure they are the edible ones like “vitality” if you use YL.

Other than that you need fresh lemons, whatever sweetener you choose, and water!! I used a combo of mostly Stevia and a little wildflower honey. Sweetening is a touchy subject because we all have different tastes. This makes a very not sweet lemonade, so feel free to sweeten to your liking.

I am not into overly sweet or sticky drinks most of the time. The purple sugar rim sweetened this first one, but trust me; after the pic that little garnish was a thing of the past.

What You Need:

12 c water

Juice from 10-12 lemons 1.5 cups.

12 single packets of organic Stevia (adjust to taste)

1/2 c organic wildflower honey (ditto on the taste)

6 sprigs fresh lavender or 3 drops lavender essential oil (food grade)

Citrus vodka (the amount is your biz)

Lavender flowers for garnish

Purple sugar for garnish if you have it laying around.

What You Do:

Bring 8 cups of water to a boil.

Shut it off at boiling point.

If you use packets, have your Stevia emptied into a bowl so the packs don’t steam up and get sticky.

Empty sweetener into hot water and stir until dissolved.

Add honey to the water and stir.

Add lavender sprigs to water.

Add more lemon slices if desired.

If you are using only essential oil, I would add it after cooling.

Allow this to steep 2-24 hours.

Strain or pull the lavender sprigs out of the water.

Juice room temperature lemons to produce one and one half cups of liquid.

Add this to the steeped lavender water.

Add ice cold water to make 12 cups.

I’m not telling anyone how much or how little citrus vodka to use. I think we did ok by finishing the pitcher with a few shots of booze left in the old Citron bottle.

Enjoy over ice. Duh.

Garnish with lemon wheels, lavender flowers and sprigs, and if you got it like that; sugar the rim in purple or yellow.

That is some sexy sipping. Until the third one. Just a fair warning.

I’ll see you all soon.

Stay chill and don’t be lame.



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