How to Eat Tofu

Hey, all!! Greetings from the woods. I hope this post finds you healthy and peaceful, happy and free.

I’ve been trying new things again, of course. What can I say?? Sometimes I get bored easily.

Lately it hasn’t been like the usual pattern of picking up a hobby, conquering it and moving on to the next thing. In recent months I’ve mostly been trying new things that are all just little subdivisions of one big thing. Yoga. You already know if you’ve been here very long that it was taking over my life. It has now bypassed my love of food, and I ain’t mad.

No, I’m not going into a lengthy chat about that today. This blog is about tofu, which is the new thing I’ve tried recently and an experience I’d like to share with you. That being said, yoga opened the door to Ayurveda, and that in turn opened the door to tofu.

See, and I’m sure I’ve written about all this at some point in the past; I’m getting my Dosha in order. This unbalanced “pitta” has been a problem and I aim to calm that MF down. This all has to do with energy, and mine is hot. Feeding it grilled or smoked meat and spicy foods is literally fueling a wild fire, a Chelle-fire if you will, so this week I am meat-free to see how I feel. I also created a beautiful Kriya set to abolish anger and tame the ego. Imagine that. We cannot fleece our demons unless we face them fearlessly.

I packed the house with eggs, almond milk, fruits, salad goods and grains that support my particular Dosha which is Pitta/Vata by nature. If you want to know more about the art of Ayurveda or perhaps what doshas, Vata, pitta and all this is about, here is a great article to reference from The Ayurvedic Institute, whom I look to often for information.

Protein was my biggest issue in deciding on a meat free week. I’m not ready for completely plant based diet just yet and I’m not sure that’s ever in my future, but I wanted to throw in better stuff than Beyond Burgers™️ at the same time. I am hesitant about lots of beans because of carbs and gas.

Solution?? Tofu and tempeh from what I’ve read.

I bought extra firm organic tofu and I decided to put it in some rice noodles with vegetables, then coat in a Thai style peanut sesame sauce.

No, I don’t have a recipe for two reasons. One, I made the sauce out of all sorts of Asian stuff I had laying around. Two, I didn’t like it that much. The sauce was good. The veggies were awesome. The tofu tasted like cubes of scrambled egg.

It was pretty though…

It was also quite edible and I think John even ate maybe two cubes of tofu. Maybe. I don’t push my food trials on him or get shitty if he doesn’t like the weird stuff. He is always open to trying it, and more often than not we’re both pleasantly shocked when he does like it. Even the weird stuff. This wasn’t one of those times.

I cut it in cubes then gently fried it in the wok and in a sesame/peanut oil combo. It smelled great!! I did eat mine, but yeah. Nahhhh.

Break out the Bean-O, Bitches. This chick is making tostadas tonight.

So, here’s what. I still had a half pound of raw tofu left and as you all know; I don’t like waste.

Hmmmm. I’ve been having lots of smoothies. You can hide anything in a smoothie, right??

Turns out, you pretty much can. Even tofu.

I’m sure there are recipes all over the web with tofu smoothies, and that’s just fine. I felt like this was worth a share for any newbies out there and I wanted to write something. It’s been awhile.

Here’s my recipe for the only fucking thing to do with tofu in my humble opinion. Oh, and listen; if y’all have a suggestion for me, drop it down!! I still have a few ounces and an open mind. Get at me before it all becomes a smoothie.

Be sure to drain any liquid off the tofu, and also, press it with paper towels to extract any interior moisture.

What You Need:

3 oz tofu, cubed or crumbled

1 c frozen fruit, I used banana and blueberries

1 serving protein powder

3/4 c almond milk

Handful of fresh power greens or baby spinach

Add chia seeds if you are not pitta like me. I just found out they are on my “no” list and I’m sad.

What You Do:

Throw everything in your blender and make your dogs go ape shit.

Oh, your mutts don’t go balls out berserk when you run the blender?? Lucky you. My boys run agility through the house when the Ninja fires up 2-4 times a day. 2-4 times, you ask. Yeah. I stay grinding. Coffee, smoothies, sauces, weed. It’s a whole vibe.

That’s all there is to it, Cookers. Nothing fancy. You’ll be shocked by how filling this smoothie is, if not by how creamy and tasty. I assume that silken tofu would work even better. Maybe even freeze the cubes.

As always, thanks for sharing space with me today. You know I love ya to bits!!

If you are interested in Ayurveda, your Dosha and it’s balancing diet, don’t wait for me to write about it. I’m not knowledgeable enough at this point to share more than my personal experience. Here are some links to get you on your way to a more peaceful you.

This free Dosha quiz was the best I could find online. I took all mine through school so I can’t give access to the public. Sorry, Babes.

This article on Ayurvedic everything was also incredibly helpful to me, and I have shared it with many who agree. It summarizes the practice and offers the benefits as well as the downsides, which to me are few, reasonable and well worth it.

Stay Smooth and Spicy, Friends.

XOXOXO, Chelle


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