Tuesday “T” Talk: Girl, Wash Your FAKE!! Why I’m Not At All Shocked by the Rachel Hollis Controversy

Mmmmmm, mmmmm, mmmm. Well y’all, I find myself having correctly called another phony for what she is. Rachel Hollis, tsk tsk.

Look, I’m not here just to be pompous or all like, “I fucking told you!!” Well, maybe a little bit. Thing is, I knew the minute an individual in multi-level marketing recommended her book, it was a hard “no” from me.

Just an observation here, not a judgement; MLM folks are copy paste pimps, and I don’t care for phony. I don’t give a bit of attention to anyone who’s act is all perfect and peachy because I know that it’s bullshit. It’s that whole “nicey-nice” thing. Toxic positivity?? Gross. Most people I met in MLM were a cookie cut version of the last, soooo…Rachel Hollis??

Fuck. That. Noise.

I don’t care that she has multiple best-selling books. Am I supposed to look up to her as an author?? I don’t admire or respect her because I have not observed her struggle. I just don’t see it. WTF did Rachel Hollis have to overcome??

I couldn’t relate, and guess what?? That’s fantastic because the bitch wrote books but she “never wanted to be relatable.” Her words, y’all. Her words, and it’s a good thing because I’m guessing most of us can’t relate. I mean, I didn’t have a housekeeper all my life or marry a guy that was able to propel my career right to the top of a best seller list, but Rachel did. I also would never have the audacity to compare my little struggle with substances and abuses to the plight of Harriet Tubman, but Rachel also did that. Delusions of grandeur, much?? If you want a woman to look up to and want to read a good book; I highly suggest I, Tina, by THE Mizz Tina Turner. Now that woman had a struggle to overcome. I think we all know she’s my “guru.”

As someone who has also written a little book, I had to look at the “relatable” point. Only for a second, though and here’s what I think. If you write a book, or anything else besides a school paper; you’re probably trying to relate to people!! I can only speak for me, but I totally wrote a book hoping I would be relatable and help someone else that could relate to my story. Yes. I feel that totally needed emphasis. Like, WTF?!?!

As for MLM reps (those who push her books), I fail to see where many of these people ever share authentically. It’s always glitzy, filtered pics and highlight reels of their life (and sometimes someone else’s life), which they give credit for all to their company, whether it’s truth or not. There is the exception of major tragedy. They share those if it will generate your attention so they can later rudely message you about shampoo or some supplements. Oh, I need hair stuff?? Thanks, bitch. I could be healthier?? Ok then.

See, I get a lot of shit in life, well I used to; about how I behave. I cuss too much, I tell it like it is even if it sucks to hear and to say. I used to be big on calling people on their bullshit, but I started looking inward at my own and that character flaw soon faded. Trust me. I have enough to keep me occupied this entire lifetime. I have no time to judge or look at others.

So, why do I care if people (like Rachel Hollis) are fake??

Who ever said I cared if people are fake?? I don’t.

I am, however, really good at seeing right through one, and this situation proves it again.

Well, why not call them out?? Like I said before, I have my own shit to work on in life. I’ve learned it’s not my job and that if someone is a phony, I will best serve myself to steer clear of them rather than tell the world.

I don’t know who said this, but it’s spot on.

All the above being said, I have been able to find much gratitude in the fact that no matter how people perceive me, they really cannot call me fake. Maybe I felt the need to write about this because last year someone actually did call me fake. It didn’t bother me as much as it surprised me. Or did it?? I don’t know yet because I also had someone I respect very much once say that, “Michelle might be a bitch, but with her you know what you’re getting and she will tell the truth whether you want to hear it or not.”

Thanks ex-boss. I appreciate that more than you’ll ever know.

Ahhh. Sweet shadow work.

I started to think maybe I could share more about the therapy sessions, the domestic arguments, the family issues, the times when I don’t feel quite so “Chelle-ish”. I’ve been considering it, it’s just that when it involves other people it gets a little iffy, so if I share about our imperfect relationship or our family issues; it could potentially hurt people I love. That’s why I keep quiet about most “issues” involving others. Maybe I’ll invite them to my podcast (yes, it’s happening) and we can hash it out there. Not sure yet.

At any rate, let’s discuss what happened with Hollis and why we might consider remaining our authentic selves at the risk of being unpopular. This is actually a topic I know a lot about.

I never paid much attention to Rachel Hollis and I’ve also been in my own little world out here as I’m still off social media and the restaurant is still under construction. Total retreat mode.

I came across a YouTube video about the controversy while searching for something (probably about drywall) and it stopped my fingers in their tracks. Down this rabbit hole I went. Whyyyyy??

Because deep down there was a great deal of satisfaction seeing this chick be exposed. The one all the MLMs read and who’s advice they follow. How’s that working out for ya, Love?? Have you earned yourself a sweet car yet?? Making that six figures?? No?? Hmmm. Keep stalking your friend’s friends and sending those invites I guess. Or maybe you go get a job that requires a skill beyond annoying folks on social media with your bullshit and lies. Insert a mega eye roll.

Apparently a whole bunch of silly people even paid $1800.00 to Rachel and her husband Dave to give them relationship advice. Because theirs was sooo perfect, right?? Wrong. The marriage is currently ending in divorce.

Well, all relationships have problems, you say??

Ok, then talk to your followers about that and work it out. Be the example they paid almost two grand for, I guess. I can’t advise here. Why?? Because I’m the girl who has no problem saying I want to kill my fiancée sometimes, and then taking my ass to therapy every Monday to work it out. Do I bring that to my blog or to social?? No. Why?? Because along with the aforementioned reason, I guess I’m not into sharing negativity. I think it spreads like cancer. But, I’m not in social pretending my life is perfect and I’m also not charging people for any relationship workshops.

Now she’s been exposed, name dragged through the mud and her career is definitely impacted if not null and void. Whats the lesson?? Keep it real and don’t try to fake a perfect lifestyle in order to sell a product or a book or whatever. It will come back and bite you in the ass at some point.

This is everything I despised about the MLM biz model, and why I could never do it. At some point we lose sight of who we are in an attempt to be just as “successful” as people like our up-lines pretend to be or like the MLM “gurus” such as Gary Vee and Rachel.

That could bleed into an entirely separate blog about how we measure success, but I think I’ll just touch on it here. Fact is, it all boils down to two things. Comparison. Competition. I’ve written about all that before.

When we measure our success, all too often we line our life up next to someone else’s. What they drive, their home, how happy they seem. Newsflash!! Most cars and homes are not paid for in full, so I’m never impressed by them. Never. Wait. I’m impressed by food trucks that are paid for and profitable, so there’s that. The hard fact is, many people won’t even pay off their debt before they die and I’m super unimpressed with these types. Most of these words are my opinions, but as I once treaded in the MLM arena, I have to admit that their phony lifestyle is how they try to hook you. I know because my up-line once told me to give credit to the company for my vacation that had zero to do with them and I definitely didn’t pay for it with money earned from “my business.” Insert another eye roll that physically hurts.

“But working from home affords you the freedom, right??”

“No, bitch. I had to request the week off from my bartending job, but nice fucking try.”

The “performed” lifestyle they put out there is to convince you that if you sell enough of their product you might reach that level as well. We buy into that hype because at some level we start to believe our humble abodes and “point A to point B” vehicles aren’t good enough therefore we are not successful. Flash and material doesn’t equal success, my friends. I can’t emphasize that enough.

The “hook” is strengthened by insecurities about our lives which have been over fed by social media. I’m personally convinced that Facebook is mostly used by the grown-ups who didn’t have a damn thing to bring for show-and-tell in kindergarten. I’m writing about all that in my next book, Anti-Social. I haven’t created the tag-line yet but, boy do I have journals of notes for this one and it is in the works.

I used a couple imperfect pics of me (wrinkles and all) in the imperfect yoga “study” that my imperfect damn self and imperfect man are re-decorating (or maybe remodeling) for the post today. I’m not sure, but I’ve learned to mud drywall this past week so I’m calling it a remodel. We’ve had some doozies of words during this project, but I haven’t felt homicidal at all. I love you, Babe. Thanks for all you do to support my dreams and provide us a beautiful and perfectly imperfect life.

I really want my peeps out there to understand that success is about integrity, hard work and how you feel when you lay your head to rest at night. It’s not demonstrated by monetary wealth or physical beauty. Never feel “less than” because others look to be thriving in the material world. You are loved and you are always enough. If you’re here reading my blog, chances are you’re a bit too fucking much.

Now GIRL, go wash your damn face. You’re probably crying or some shit. Too soon?? Hell, this whole thing is probably old news by now!!

Love you so, SO MUCH, Chelle

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