Holy Shit, I Actually Started the Podcast

Hiiiiya!! I know some of you thought I’d never do it. I know some of you were hoping I’d never do it. Sorry to disappoint.

Some of you thought I’d do it and pushed me to the starting gate. THANK YOU!! You are my community. You are all warriors and I want you to know and feel that in your bones!!

I’m live with my intro on Spotify and Anchor FM as of this afternoon. Yes, I have podcasts ready to roll out. But, am I ready?? I don’t know and it doesn’t matter. We take action when we are called to, and today was my day. Full moon. Mid-Sādhānā. All that mystical biz. I was even inspired by a couple of friends to make moon water tonight. I’m hoping to keep the creative juices flowing by way of lunar hydration all month long.

32 cups of magical elixir, coming right up!!

There is much work to do before I broadcast, but I’d like you all to know what I’m up to and how it’s going down.

I have been making a habit of not speaking on things until they’re done, and that is helping me to get more shit done. It’s the “don’t talk about it, be about it” concept. It just works. But it also requires laser pointed focus in a world filled with distraction and noise.

I had a lot on my mind today and I just felt like it was time for building community outside this blog. Honestly, without social media none of this will go anywhere and it’s fine. I’ll consider this my “practice” period where I get it all ironed out.

I’ll be working on the edits for the first cast as long as it takes me to learn and be efficient. Then after I have that mapped out it will be a weekly cast on Sunday nights at 8PM. I already have my topics list, a pile of journals and equipment ready to go. MOST importantly, I have an audience!! I’ve spent a good number of years and dollars investing in myself and this blog. It’s time to take it to the next level and I think this might be the day I’ve waited my life for. I wanted to be a DJ when I was small. I got up every Sunday so I could listen to Rick Dees and record the best of the top 40 to jam for my friends all week.

Sure. I’ll play some tunes!! Send a request and it’s yours!!

I may go to YouTube at some point and perhaps I’ll share the audio there to begin with, but for now I’d like to just do exactly opposite of what my dad told me, and be heard, not seen. I’ll always be a rebel.

The name I finally decided on is the Chelle On Wheels “Rolling Toward Recovery” podcast, and I loooove it!!

Here is the cover art. All finished.

The biggest challenge was keeping the title broad enough to talk about all the things while also maintaining who I am as a human. Recovery is pretty broad and so am I, which leaves a lot of room for expansion of topics. Plus, you guys, my purpose is recovering and holding a space for others to do so. It’s the only reason I’m still above the dirt and sucking air, and I know it.

Here are the links to find me on Anchor FM or Spotify where I have uploaded the intro trailer, so please hit play and give a listen. You will get an alert whenever I broadcast if you are on the email list for this blog. Please subscribe below to stay up to date, and wish me luck, y’all. I’m scurred to death.

As always, thank you for being here and for sharing the privilege of your time with me. I appreciate you.

Let’s roll toward recovery and our best selves, shall we??

All the love and healing, Chelle


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