How to Manifest “Perfect” Days

You guys!!

Can I ask you something??

When was the last time you had an absolutely perfect day?? Think about it.

I don’t mean when we’re on vacation or if some big event happens. I mean when we can sit down with a cup of yummy tea after an evening shower, or enjoy it in the bath; and languish in the feeling of accomplishment and relaxation.

When was the last time you went to bed and felt the satisfaction that comes with getting all your shit done because you’re doing what you love?? Not the feeling of being beat because you’re in a stressful job or not doing what you absolutely love. There’s a difference between using sleep to rest and using it to escape. It can be as much a vice as booze or dope.

I’m asking this because The Secret and law of attraction principle as a whole is kind of under fire by some anti-MLM bloggers and You Tubers. With an open mind to and respect for what they are saying about it being used to scam people, I still have to defend its honor just a little bit!! Because I use it and I get what I desire. It hasn’t always been the case, either. Life’s been a bit of a struggle, but a lot less of one since I found “the secret” of The Secret and I stand by that. How can one go wrong by living in gratitude??

We all know I’m just looking for peace and freedom like the rest of us, and today I’m going to share with you the recipe for creating a life that includes more ideal days than shitty ones. It’s not as difficult as you might think, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy, nor will it happen over night.

Earlier this week I was on the mat closing my practice when I came to the realization that I was living my dream day, and had been for a few weeks at least. Yes. Erry damn day!! It’s been lovely!!

I had gotten up early and completed Sādhānā, then the dogs took me for a 3 mile walk. We have to walk or they are a nuisance. I came home, fed them and proceeded to enjoy fresh coffee and a couple hours of studying while they rested. By the time I got up from my desk it was only 10 AM!!

I did some housework, had a healthy lunch, messed with the plants, and toyed with some social sites for about 10 minutes. They’ve been really busy since I came out from under the radar last week. It’s nice to be missed, but I use social differently these days. I don’t have time to linger on there scrolling. I post and go.

I’ve actually been time lapsing my yoga practice and sharing it. It’s pretty funny and I think it makes yoga interesting to those who maybe wouldn’t be. It’s kind of my job to expose people to the practice. This is my little way of going about it without shoving it down throats.

By the time I finished, the dogs were up from their snooze so we played, I took a second shower and got ready to head to the restaurant to start putting it back together so they can open her up. Have I mentioned how excited I am?? I am!!

I still had a bunch of time between my shower and leaving for work, so I messed with the podcast and signed some books to send out.

My fucking dream life, right??

Uhhhhmmm, yeeeahh. Actually it is.

That is the face of genuine bliss. No makeup. No filters. Messy AF, happy ass me…🥰

I recently looked over my latest vision board and couldn’t help but be amazed again at how many items could be removed. It’s about three years old and they aren’t all visions anymore!! They are reality, and I created it all.

Well, wait…let me rephrase because I’m not that powerful. I created my reality by getting into alignment with the purpose that is put before me, but had been hidden under so many other things.

I don’t even mind the “work” part!! I absolutely love being able to mingle with people for a few hours a night. It’s a great way to make money to invest in and support all my dreams and hobbies. It helps that I work for a super fun establishment with some great people, doing what I love.

After genuinely enjoying the company of my coworkers I went home and had a little dinner with the man, and then got into a bomb text exchange with my mixology mentor that ended with a plan to share a visit the next afternoon.

I wondered if I could manifest another perfect day…

It was pretty much the same as the one prior, but I had added the visit with Mizz Jackson to the daily roster. She came to the compound and we enjoyed some table chat about our current lives and future plans.

A little business gab and a walk around the land later, then I was off to work feeling very, very alive and aligned. You see, she and I have a lot in common and we are both multi-faceted go-getters.

Sober mixology mavens, Cancer sisters, and animal lovers who like to spend our time in the woods making potions and being all witchy and shit.

She found me in 2010 at a jazzy Italian restaurant in downtown Kalamazoo, MI where I was working as the general manager. I didn’t love the position, and I was truly happiest when an unreliable bartender called in because I was the one to cover the shifts. Then I had to let him go, so I found myself behind the bar more frequently and I was cashing in on the things I’d learned about crafting fine cocktails. That’s what we do. We aren’t glorified bartenders as some like to say. Mixology is an art and a science. Oddly enough, just like yoga; it is all about balance. Seems to be trending in my life.

Anyhow, we did an event for breast cancer awareness where she showed me her Ta Ta Tinis, and the rest is history. A lifelong bond was built.

She told me to embrace mixology and shared with me all she could. I ran with her idea and found that I was very passionate about it. She’s always been available since and we’ve supported one another. Whenever I leave her I feel ready for the next level, and it’s by many of her suggestions that I’ve gotten there. The world needs more of her. I’m going to strive to leave more people with that feeling, too.

Thank you, Angie!! You’re a true warrior spirit with a golden heart. You inspire so many.

I went to work after she left, and had a blast reorganizing and putting the bar back together. Everything is all new, clean and sparkly. It smells like lumber and paint. I love it. And at the end of my shift I drove home still in awe of how simple it is to make a perfect day happen.

The next morning came and I woke up to a drizzle on the roof that made me remember how much I loved lazing around in bed doing nothing when it was rainy and gray outdoors.

But, noooo.

That’s never brought me a perfect day and I was on a roll. So I got my ass up, did Sādhānā (still committed) and although I had to switch my routine a little; it ended up being just perfect.

Every day in routine, something magical happened!! One day it was a surprise deposit in my checking, and not a little one. One day it was an email for a bulk order of the book which, of course, created another decent deposit.

Every day it was getting up, getting shit done as intended. It was feeling grateful and satisfied as I settled into that fluffy bed at night where the sleeps were transcendent. Seriously.

By Friday afternoon I was just a ball of energy and was seeing a violet and silver light show when I meditated. It was better than any drug I had ever tried or loved.

I felt phenomenal and since I had the day off work, I spent a couple of hours recording a welcome and introduction episode of the podcast, which I think anyone should do a month before they go live. A teaser episode, if you will. It happened to be exactly a month to the date of official release, so I took that as a sign to take action, of course. Who wouldn’t?? That’s the stuff we do!! Follow the signs and our gut. The tingles. The chills. The hairs that stand up on our arms. Act on that stuff. Fuck fear.

I published it, too, y’all!! I mustered up some balls and put that twenty minute episode on the air. It isn’t fabulous!! Some fear and inexperience is very present in my voice, but it was a courageous leap that had to happen. No equipment hooked up yet. No trimming of the audio. Not in the garage “studio” or other quiet place with the soundproof up. Shaky and unsure. I didn’t care. It was a now or never moment.

Here’s the deal. If I didn’t publish that first one when I did, and get a feel for pushing the button; July 4 would have come and gone with some lame excuse about a BBQ, and there would have been one, too. I would have smothered my sadness from pussing out with brisket and strawberry shortcake, possibly drank some beer and then been angry at myself, but would have taken it out on someone else by the end of the night. Oh, I’m well aware of who I can be.

Not today, Satan. I’m going to roll ahead into my dreams. That fear you peddle is done holding me up. I’m on the air and you can even listen. Just head over to Spotify or Anchor FM and…

Well, what the hell, Chelle??

Here’s a link, for fuck’s sake. Duh.

By the time Johnny got home that night I was bursting at the seams, and honestly felt like vomiting. Too much excitement had built up, so when he walked through the kitchen I just about melted into tears of nothing but bliss!!

As we sat there and he listened to my buzzing about all the goodness, I said to him, “I want to always be just like this, Babe. Everything isn’t perfect, but it is.”

I do. It’s exactly what I want, and I want everyone to have the belief in themselves to manifest and live their perfect day. To feel just like that. That bliss feeling. That free feeling. You deserve it. That’s why I’m telling you all this. Try to remember that a mere 17 years ago, July 4 2004; I checked into rehab for the first time to try and get off the crack. By 2006 I was shooting speedballs at a cost of about three hundred bucks a day. I’m not the “if I can do it, you can do it” type, but I’d like to believe we can all overcome and, well, be blissful much of the time we have left here.

You’re probably like, “Yeah, no shit. Give us the goods already.”

The recipe:

  • A vision.
  • A plan.
  • Perseverance
  • A routine.
  • Action steps.
  • Patience.
  • A network.
  • Passion.
  • Ambition

First of all figure out what you want in a big picture sense, then start taking them baby steps without obsessing and driving the people around you crazy. Listen to me when I say; keep your dreams and manifestations quiet. Work hard and try to always keep your integrity at the front of your mind.

I’ve been making vision boards for years and bringing them to fruition. They used to be super outrageous and while I don’t like to say anything is unrealistic or impossible, they weren’t aligned with who I am. They were aligned with what I thought I needed to be in order to appear “successful.” Material shit. Shit that would only bring even more responsibility and stress to our lives. I’m good. We are already dedicated to and responsible for plenty of things.

I do a job that I really like and because I’ve become very skilled at that trade for 25 years, it makes me a good amount of money with only working short hours and minimal stress. I’ll always suggest that we find work we enjoy and that will pay the bills while we set the course for our dream life.

Then, maybe turn the hobbies we love into a valuable side hustle for the extras. If your dream is to work for yourself eventually, no matter if it’s large or small scale; it takes the dedication of another job. The hours it takes requires sacrifice, and the risk you have to take requires courage.

In other words, stay humble unless you like going backwards. I personally do not, so I’ll keep working for tips until…??

Also, a social life?? Forget about it. I’m busy until I get to live my perfect every day.

Without a solid vision of what it is you want to do, I’m sorry but it’s really difficult to get anywhere that feels like any semblance of bliss, in my opinion. By that I mean wholeheartedly that if I want to be a woodsy, hippie chick I have to accept that and embrace it. All that fancy shit I thought I wanted had to go. Simplicity now rules my world. Besides, the last time I got off the narcotics I asked the universe to be sure I never had a lot of money again. Or a partner with money and a drug habit.

If I wanted to be a writer I had to write and write some more until it was decent enough to publish. I had to suck at it, and hell, maybe I still do to some; but I love what I’m doing so it doesn’t matter. Will I ever write a best-seller?? Maybe. Maybe not. I don’t care about that either. Everything I’m into is about feeling free, and I do. If you’re here, I hope you are also free or well on your way.

I think it’s really important to experience things that we once dreamed, but that we no longer have the energy for. I wanted to be a singer at one point in my life, so I sing all the time. I wanted to have the rockstar experience so I quit being scared and started singing with bands who would allow me, and I did a vocal competition a few years back in front of hundreds of people in my hometown (maybe thousands if you count the web) so I got the experience. I didn’t suck at that and took second place. Rockstar moment for sure. I’m not trying to rehash old experiences. All I’m saying is we can find creative ways to live out our visions.

Not everything I place on those boards has come to fruition, so I’ll reevaluate them before I make the next one, and I’ll decide if they still matter. I often find that they don’t.

I once wanted this beach house in Carrabelle, Florida.

The idea of hurricanes and the ridiculousness of this house squashed that vision.

Today this sweet little beach bungalow is on the board and I am on Zillow a lot!!

I also had this truck on the brain in 2017…

By 2019 I had the ability to purchase one. I drove it. I loved it. The dogs inability to get in and out put that vision on hold and I bought a different model that was accessible for the fur babies, then I took the remaining money I’d saved from the purchase and took myself to, you might’ve guessed it; Carrabelle, Florida!! Alignment. It’s all about alignment.

I now have this in place of that and I’m thinking on my 50th birthday I’ll make it happen and keep the dog’s Jeep too. I wouldn’t want to be making the payments or fueling this baby in the current state of the country. Bullet dodged!! My small Jeep is fifty bucks to fill right now, and I drive a lot!!

Businesses are up and down, gas has increased 100% and we don’t need that stress on top of all the loot we’ve been sinking into our home renovations. Roofs and furnaces and central air are priorities. Paying off our debts before we retire is the main priority.

Just because something doesn’t happen when we want it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. The worrying about how or when demonstrates a sense of lack, and we won’t manifest a damn thing if we spend our time in that mind set. Gratitude is the only way toward dreams coming true.

As for making the plan and following through with said plan; I have two methods and use both in conjunction. Full disclosure; follow through wasn’t always my strong point.

First I make the vision board and then I literally draw an outline of what daily life will look like when I am living that vision. Ok. So here’s the best way to explain this.

The vision board is what life looks like to you such as the environment, the career, the family, whatever you want to be in your realm. I have a physical one hanging up and a digital one in my phone.

The outline is a map of the perfect day in that life. You just account for every hour and what you’d be doing on a regular day as the highest version of yourself. A day in your best life!!

My outline looked like this a few years ago:

6-7 Exercise and shower

7-8 Dog walk

8-9 Coffee for me and food for the boys. Check emails and manage socials.

9-10 Clean house

10-2 Work at what I love

2-2:30 Dog play and lunch

2:30-5 Work at what I love

5-6 Cook dinner and feed dogs or get food and do what I want

6-7 Eat and clean up

7-7:30 Walk dogs

7:30-11 Quality time with him or alone

11 Bedtime and read until my eyes say stop.

This is not the life I live to a “T” but it’s pretty damn close for the past two years thanks to the thing I just don’t say anymore because I’m over it. There’s no going back now. I’ve gotten a taste of bliss and I’m hungry for more.

I looked at that thing every day for who knows how long. Then I started to make a daily intention lists and use a calendar to keep my shit straight. At night I log what I’m grateful for and generate a list for the next day. It’s that simple. I don’t exceed 11 goals and sometimes they transfer to the next day for a month, but they always get done.

The day starts long before 6 (usually 4:30-4:45) and I get to free-flow most of it. Yoga is work I love, so I do a lot of it. Writing is also work I love, so I do a lot of it. There are many irons in this fire, and they’re being well managed at this point.

Not having hangovers helps a lot. Just saying.

We can do many different things, but in my experience we are definitely better served to focus on one at a time. Once that thing gets rolling smoothly and we have it to the point that it’s not a time challenge, we find ourselves with open space to fill.

Bring on the next hobby or business plan!!

I’ve figured out in the past couple months that by having the vision and plan in place along with the patience, passion and perseverance to see myself through some type of action; a network builds itself as those who witness your growth come to respect you because you are consistently showing up. Trust me when I say there will be no community built on wishy-washy ideas and no real plan of action or dedication. It’s just facts.

I doubt every day will be perfect. I hope it is, though. Some days just getting out of bed and getting the dog hair vacuumed makes it perfect. On the days I feel the fire, I fuel it. On the days I feel the need to rest, I just do my best and keep pushing forward to the next perfect day.

I wrote this earlier in the week, and I’d like to share it here: “Never be ashamed of humble beginnings because it hurts a lot less to fall from a baby step.”

I mean that. Take it slow. Invest in little things for your dream here and there. None of us wants to be over our head in debt before we are even established. Keep a job. Move each day toward your vision. Be humble. If you make a ton of money, be sure to do something meaningful with it. These are the things I tell myself. My mantras, perhaps…

Life isn’t perfect, but a lot of days are!! I have no wants. No needs. I maybe wish for world peace and love, but I know that starts with me. I don’t live outside my means, so I don’t have to be stressed over money. It’s nice when it comes, and I hope to have enough someday to help others in a significant way.

I wonder if that’s why my last vision board was made almost three years ago…

I’m not really reaching for anything or grasping at anything in the present. I think that is the place in life where perfect days start to happen. I have a good idea what my purpose and path look like, and I’ll live as close to them as my time here allows without being pushy. I’ve chosen to flow with just enough intent, and I smile a lot more these days.

All in all, and while I don’t care to give unsolicited advice, I do love to share what’s working in my life with the hope it will help someone else. Let me know if you’re that someone else, or if you are interested in knowing more about how intention and gratitude can bring you more perfect days than you could have ever imagined.

Thanks for dropping in!! Stay in pursuit of what gives you tummy tickles. I’m sending you love and violet silver energy tonight.

XOXO, Chelle

Add on: 6/10/21

The day before I was to publish this post, my admin panel was hacked and my checking account bought a bunch of 300.00 websites. This website account was locked and I had no idea if I’d ever get back in.

I decided it was the sign I needed to really move forward with the podcast and probably let this go. I like to just cook and eat my food without all the fuss over pics and lighting. I am now spending less time on the computer writing and more time enjoying life.

I haven’t made a stone set decision, but I’m going to say “bye” for now as I may never write another blog. It’s time for the next level. I love you all so much. Thank you for all the love and support you’ve offered through the years. I never would have continued this without you.

Now it’s time for the dude, the dogs, the land and the lake. Oh, and some golf!! Enjoy your life in the now no matter what the future visions look like.


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