Welcome to a healing community for recovery warriors…

What It’s All About:

The road to recovery can so often feel like the highway to hell. It’s not always pretty, and we need to feel safe to speak up when we face the challenges that come with addiction and trauma recovery. So, this is all about us and the people who have to deal with us as we navigate through the journey of getting well.

The mission and purpose of Chelle On Wheels is to make a space available for real people to share real experiences, and support one another to become stronger in their process. Thank you so much for being part of this community. Sinner or saint, you are welcome here, and I really hope you find something of value to assist in your healing. Please reach out if I can help you with anything, and also; you all can get to know one another!! Recovery bonds can be life changing.

What You’ll Find Within:


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By being open about the highs and lows of her own healing path in an authentic and humorous way, Michelle opens the door for others to share their story and begin to heal. Be warned, this site contains explicit language.


If you like to “food”, you can take a peak inside Chelle’s Kitchen

She’s a bit of a foodie, and she’s known to splurge a little (a lot) on Sundays. It’s one of those struggles that many of us face every day. Whether you are doing the healthy thing or struggling with a sweet tooth, Michelle has you covered with a variety of playful recipes.


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Chelle loves to read, write and make magic. She’s always playing with some new crystal, pulling an oracle card, making malas or adding yoga equipment to her vast collection of props. You may even find some cool cookware and clothes. She reviews her faves, drops a bit of knowledge and gives you the goods on where to find items.


Chelle On Wheels is the creative love child of Michelle Lynn Clement, and is based out of the lower-most region of beautiful Michigan.

Michelle is the sole creator, writer, editor and producer of these publications. She works long hours from her home study while throwing balls for her two border collies, Dexter and Thorin. She is engaged to her Mr. Wonderful and 28 year crush (John) and will be married 11/11/22.

Get in Touch

Reach out so we can work together and lend a hand up to more beautiful healing spirits. I offer private yoga classes via ZOOM or in person, and I’m always up for a community based class or a speaking engagement.

I’m on all the social platforms, but your best bet for a real and rapid reply is to email or message this blog. I’m known for my “anti-social-media” position, so I’m super wishy-washy about logging on and I regularly deactivate for months. Sorry, not sorry. I’m living my life.


You can purchase my book through the Amazon button above, or I have personalized copies available to any subscribers at a discounted price. Just follow this link. And, yes I will check to see if you’re on the email list. Thank you so much for understanding that I have to support myself and keep it legit.