My Story…

Hey there!!

I’m Michelle, or “Chelle” for short. Please don’t call me “Shelly.” Ever. Thanks.

If you were led here via a social site, please stay. Read a recipe or a tea talk. Have a laugh.

The “Hell On Wheels” title is derived from a joke my dad used to make about my hot ass attitude.

He said I put the “hell” in Michelle and he was only half kidding.

If you know me, you can fully understand why it stuck.

I’m a feisty and fast moving fighter of a woman, and most of the time I am on the go, rolling quickly toward some goal that contributes to personal growth.

These days I’m working on slowing down, dulling my sharp tongue just a little and living my best life ever. I believe I’ll always be a tad bit spicy. It is how I’ve been able to survive up to this point and I also think that love of self, a twisted sense of humor, brutal honesty, a little sarcasm and dry wit are all awesome qualities. So why change??

This site started as a place to share food ideas and inspirations besides FB and social media. I was posting lots of pics, and some family and friends told me a blog would be a good way to share, and they were right. This space has given me a channel to share not just food and my story, but to offer some hope.

The life I live is a whirlwind of hobbies, new challenges, constant growth and personal transformation. My favorite times of all are the hours spent in kitchen and on the mat. I’ve recently authored an inspirational book about how to overcome and live your best life. It’s called “Go FIX Yourself” and releases Dec. 2020.

Besides love of grub and yoga, this story is one of overcoming adversity.

I cleaned up my life in kitchens from within a little Michigan rehab to a beach house on the Gulf Coast of Florida, and then in the Louisiana bayous.

I came back home to Michigan, bringing a new addiction to Cajun food, and a dream of opening a food truck. I’m pretty sure I dodged a bullet by not opening the truck, but I still think about it from time to time. I’ve found that dreams are fluid and ever changing, and that it’s alright if they don’t always work out.

Writing, yoga and cooking have helped me begin to heal my life. Not only do they give me creative outlets that I very much need, I’ve learned to offer love to others through sharing my struggles. It lets people know they are not alone in theirs, and it lets me know mine were for purpose.

I have many hobbies, and those include running, reading, time on the water, my border collies and singing. I also very much enjoy a dance with Mary Jane.

Telling bits of my story in relation to the foods I prepare has been therapeutic, and it has helped me to build a community of “Cookers” whom I absolutely adore. A tribe of crazies similar to myself, in love with food, life and funny things.

This blog helped me develop the courage to write, and as my life and writing evolve, as will it grow and change. I appreciate you rolling along with me through it all.

Maybe you’ll find a yummy food idea you would like to try with friends or family, and along the way learn about overcoming the struggle of substance abuse, PTSD, losing all that you love and then rebuilding a life that takes the power from trauma and addiction and puts it back in your own possession.

Maybe somewhere within the food, the funny stuff, the memories and the tough times, I can offer just a touch of inspiration to someone out there who might still be struggling. Let’s face it. We all need a bit of that, whether it be for dinner or for life changing shit.

I hope each of you can find something here that enhances your life in some way.

Much Love, Chelle

For updates on my upcoming book,

“Go FIX Yourself,” please find me on FB




Let’s make something together.

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