Who TF Is “Chelle On Wheels”?

Michelle Lynn Clement

Published Author, CRYT 200, Pre-CRYT 500, Licensed Mixologist, Reiki Master Student and Self-Taught Kitchen Witch. You might be best to ask what I don’t do!!

Hey, there!! Thanks a million for stopping by. I’m Michelle, Chelle for short. Please don’t call me “Shelly”. Ever. Thanks another million for that.

I’m a hot mess with a cool message. The chick with wild hair, and mascara that’s always wrecked from laughing or crying. I’m the woman behind this shit-show and I’m so happy to meet you!!

The title of this site is carried on by a joke my dad used to tell anyone who asked if my name had one “L” or two. He would say I “put the Hell in Michelle” and if you know me at all, you know he was only half joking. 

I’m a fiery, fast moving, fighter of a woman and most of the time I am burning the candle (or sage bundle) at both ends as I work through old patterns and toward personal bliss. 

I’m slowing my roll and dulling my sharp tongue a little these days. I’m on the way to living my best life and I want to share the journey in hopes it resonates with someone else out there in a struggle. We don’t have to go this road alone, and we all deserve the bliss life.

I’ll always be a little spicy. It’s how I’ve survived up to this point, but as I move from surviving to thriving; I’m seeing a softer side of myself. I still think a twisted sense of humor, brutal honesty, a little sarcasm and dry wit are all awesome qualities, so I’ll keep those in my bag. 

As I grow out of old ways, I find myself called to focus more on what I have to offer the collective than I used to be. As an addict, it used to be all about what I could get from the world. 

It took a lot of inner-work to reach the point of loving myself enough to start giving love outward, but I keep getting better at it. And I like it, even when it’s not so easy. 

See, I’ve been in recovery for 17 years from substances like crack and heroin. Oh, yeah. I liked the hard stuff and almost killed myself a couple times trying to escape the pain of several major life traumas.

I’m not a victim. It’s a roll I don’t play. I’m a warrior, and I know that telling my messy story lends strength to others, and that we only stay strong when we share our knowledge and experience.

I also know that true warriors admit when they need help, and I do. There are days I still struggle, so I’m always in recovery. As of this writing I’m about 75 days sober and aiming to stay that way. I’m admittedly a little bit of a bitchy gal, too, and I’m working to find the balance between being gentle and strong.

I’m not big on 12 step programs because they’re too “one size fits all” for me. I do, however, live by many of their principles, and I’m grateful for every meeting I ever attended whether forced or chosen. I still need to get and give support, though, so I created a community.

My purpose is to offer people a space of non-judgement and some real talk about addiction and trauma.

I started sharing recipes back in 2014 and it sort of took off, but my story kept creeping in and the more I tried to stifle it, like so many others had, the more mentally unsound I became. Keeping trauma within us is detrimental to our mental and physical health. As you can probably already tell, I have a lot to say and I grew up in an era where, “children were to be seen and not heard.”

I spent a lot of my life either stuffing or numbing my grief. Then I finally got over my own bullshit, went under the radar for awhile, and started to put the broken pieces back together from the inside out.

As I got healthier in my brain and spirit through yoga, I became better at choosing what was going into my body, so the dessert binges and meaty dinner recipes have become fewer and further between.

I had to leave a big portion of my “foodie” self behind to make way for my “yogi” self. I found true purpose, or rather; it found me, and I have to own who and what I am today.

I’m an author and a private yoga teacher who brings recovery through sharing my gifts with readers and students.

I love breathing, bending and blogging, but I also know my voice is huge and my story makes a difference, so in 2020 I got brave AF and entered a huge inspirational speaker competition and made it to the top 12. That endeavor gave me the courage to author a book I’d been sitting on for four years, and also to earn the first of what will be many yoga teacher certifications.

What’s a girl to do during an insane, worldwide pandemic?? I’m not sure, but this girl kept on working and took advantage of the solitude.

In 2021 I am freshening up the Chelle On Wheels brand, earning my advanced yoga certification, and expanding this big ass voice to the airwaves in the “Rolling Toward Recovery” podcast, which will air July 4. I’m so excited to tell my story and to hear yours!!

You might also know or notice that I am a certified mixologist and that I shake drinks for tips. It does get a bit confusing, but I am great at what I do, and I’ve inspired many from behind the bar. They pay good money for that kind of therapy!!

If you might be judging me a little; don’t. I’m not a drink pusher. They’re coming out anyway, and they may as well get quality cocktails and friendly service from a caring human who will do her best to serve responsibly.

I know it’s strange, but have we met?? It goes with the territory. Sober bar boss is just one of the many anomalies within my persona.

In other words; I’m a little weird and complicated.

I’m also a lot of fun, so there’s that.

I’m the girl in the middle, struggling right alongside you, but I’m making it today and I really want to see us all succeed at recovery from whatever we’ve been through.

From the depths of hell to the height of healing, roll onward and upward with me!!

Show some love on the socials above if you can get to them from these links. It’s a one woman show over here, and I’m learning as I go. You can also get access by searching Chelle On Wheels on most platforms, and nope; I’m not the roller derby gal. She’s really cool, though. Give her a look.

Thanks for your patience as I navigate through tech and any other bumps on this very exciting road.