What The cHELLe Is Going On??

Good morning, and welcome back!!

I’ve been receiving quite a few messages from the FB Page asking if I’m ok and what’s going on??

This pic should be proof I’m not depressed or relapsed, people, so all is well.

To put it quite bluntly; I’m minding my own damn business.

All this inner work is serious business.

I’ve been receiving metaphorical slaps in the face each week this year as I study all of the 8 limbs of yoga, the law of attraction, chakra healing, homeopathy, essential oils, lunar abundance work, and most the important thing I’ve studied this year is myself and how to apply all of the above to create a fantastic life.

You see, I’ve been doing it all wrong. Forever. Like many modern day humans, I’ve been so focused on the world around me that I haven’t looked very deep at the world within me.

There is a bit of outer work happening as well. We are still working on our home, and there’s a long way to go. Life happens, and interruption is inevitable as we move towards goals and dreams.

In the midst of all this I finally recognized for REAL that any minute on social media is a minute that could be productive, so I quit. On 11/11/19 I deactivated my personal FB account, and got serious about my routine and discipline.

I made the decision that 2020 would be not my year, but my decade.

I guess I could say, “I’m busy,” but not running all around, over worked, chaotic busy.

My busy includes getting up early and giving my body its medicine of water, lemon, oils, meditation and exercise to purify and prepare for anything that might come my way over the next 24 hours.

My busy includes keeping a clean home, because that’s very important to us. I have a number of daily, nightly and weekly house chores that I do on a schedule so that our space stays clean. I found this chart on Pinterest 3 years ago and I’ve been using it pretty diligently since. It just works!!

My busy means making sure that my even busier dogs get what they need from me because their lives and happiness matter, and those are my responsibility. Border collies are a lot of work. They are like having raucous 4 year olds for a 10 year span. The oldest dog is just going to be 10 on Dec. 13, and he really hasn’t slowed down much. The youngest will be 5 on Nov. 29 and he’s wild AF. So they also keep me occupied. I’m sure you’ve seen them before, but, they’re so cute…

My busy means getting a finished book edited and on its way to the next phase so I can move forward with the publishing process. I don’t know that my book will be a huge success as it’s very raw and in your face. There is nothing politically correct about it. It’s a no bullshit approach to healing, and it’s not for the soft, so I’m not sure how it will go over in the world of personal development, but that doesn’t discourage me at all.

My busy may mean 2 days of writing, photography and testing of a recipe for the blog I am committed to keeping active. And while we are on the subject of this blog; look for changes over the next year. I can’t just write about food anymore, so I’m working with a mentor to expand subject matter and sort of re-invent the entire thing.

My busy means taking time to look my best because then I feel my best. I love exercise, and while I’m not a “2 hours in the mirror” type of gal, I do spend some time on my appearance. How I do my hair, the clothes I put on and how I enhance my features with makeup are all part of how I express my vibe for the day. I enjoy that personal time where it’s all about me. I’ve never tried to out dress or out pretty another woman. As women, our looks should be all about us, not to impress a man or one up another female.

My busy means working outside the home so I can pay cash for things I want instead of keeping myself down and in debt. And trust me; that freedom feels better than any damn material items. Sometimes I have to wait for things because I save for them. For instance, in February I’ll be taking my first vacation out of the state in 12 years!! That wasn’t so much a financial issue as it was a dog mommy issue.

My busy is my business, and I love it.

The only “extreme” I want in my life today is EXTREME PEACE, and that looks just like this:

7:22 up. (That’s my birthday, and a very personal reminder that we can be reborn each morning with a new opportunity to be our best.)

Start my teapot heating.

I brush my teeth, splash my face and recite affirmations, then play with the dogs or write while I sip my lemon elixir.

By 8 most mornings I am on my yoga mat, then I practice Kundalini Kirtan Kriya meditation for 11 min 11 seconds. If you know or read me, you know 11:11 is my thing, along with many other wide awake humans.

After meditation I feed the dogs, drink my bulletproof java and then hit the treadmill for at least 30 minutes or 3 miles.

By the time I’m done the dogs are ready to run.

Then I do my housework, make some dinner, and at 2 I break my fast with a light meal or protein shake and get ready for work.

I work my job a few hours a night and I’m home by 9:30 or 10 at the latest. I smoke some weed, have my last snack by 10, play with the dogs, watch some TV or read, and by 11PM I am off to the cushion or mat again before I settle into bed with a book. These are currently on my nightstand…

So, there’s no food recipe to share today, folks. Just a recipe for my best life. I definitely miss my friends on FB, but I’m only doing this for a year. Well, that’s the plan. It may become a longer stretch, but I definitely won’t be back on social until 11/11/20.

I’ve lost some followers because sometimes people are resentful. I got a message about how I unfriended a person and they let me know they were unliking the Page. That’s all good!! I didn’t unfriend anyone, but if any of you want to seek vengeance on me for not being in your feed with “likes” and comments for a year, you can kiss my lily white tush. I’ve supported lots of people, ventures and even some stupid ass dramas for a lot of years. I don’t owe anyone my time or energy on social fucking media.

To the rest of the friends, old, new, here or there; thank you for supporting this and all my decisions, no matter what. There aren’t tens of thousands who read this blog, but the 4141 of you that do; I appreciate your presence that encourages me to keep writing.

I’ll see you soon with my Thanksgiving recipe round-up in case you need some holiday inspo!!

XOXOXO, Chelle


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