White Hot Chicken Chili

Hello, Michigan Winter!! If I hadn’t made this yummy crock pot chili last week; I’d surely be putting it together on this cold ass day. It’s like 19° here today.

Instead, I’m making traditional chili, and just writing about this one.

I was very disappointed to see the first snow fall of the year occur on what will be my wedding day in 2022. I was never into the idea of a winter wedding, but I do love the 11/11/22 date because I’m into that numerology, and all the woo woo things.

We are now considering running off to a warm island to exchange nuptials. Well, I am. Not sure how he feels, but I’m not opposed to pulling the bride card on this one. We shall see. The date stays, no matter what.

Anyway, let’s get to the recipe for this creamy, spicy comfort food, because I have purposely made my life boring and thus, have jack shit to write about today.

There are literally thousands of white chili recipes out there, and I haven’t studied a single one of them. I’ve always done mine this way, and there’s a reason I always will. It’s the best. I have eaten white chili in a few different places, but I find it lacking in flavor, probably because it never has enough veggies in it for this girl. I use onion, celery, green pepper, green chilies and corn (I know it’s not a veggie) to really make this pop on the palate. I also use a half jar of extra hot salsa verde, and it gives this a major kick. Yeah, it’s spicy hot, and that’s how I like it. You can see a lot of the goodness in this pic.

This is relatively easy to make. It involves a crock pot, a rotisserie chicken, broth, cream cheese, some canned goods, a little veggie prep, and I think the most difficult part is the waiting because it smells the place up something fierce, my friends. It’s seriously hard to leave the lid on it.

So, I’ll jump right to the recipe since there’s nothing else to wrabble about today.

To work this recipe you do need a large crock pot. At least 7 quarts. It’s a big batch and it’s made for a big family dinner or freezing for later.

What You Need:

2 c chicken broth

1 rotisserie chicken, meat removed from bone and chopped how you like

3 cans white chili beans

1 can sweet corn, drained

2 cans green chilies

1/2 jar of salsa verde (I use extra hot)

1 large sweet onion, diced

2 green peppers, diced

4 celery stalks, diced

2 Tbsp olive oil

Salt and pepper if you think you need it

2 tsp ground cumin

1 8oz block of cream cheese

What You Do:

I’m going to guess you could figure this out on your own, but there are a couple things that could wreck this entire deal, so I’ll throw down the steps here.

Start by setting the crock pot to high, and adding the chicken broth and any canned items. Not the salsa!! That’s a jar. Be sure to drain the corn.

I like to dice the celery, onion and peppers at this point, and then sauté in a large skillet with the 2 Tbsp olive oil until slightly tender. They will cook further in the chili, so don’t over do them.

Add the sautéed veggies to the crock pot.

Now remove the chicken from the bones and discard skin (skin floating in soup is not ok, in my opinion), then chop and add chicken to pot.

As far as your seasoning; I don’t use a lot because this is flavorful, but I suggest cumin and pepper at your own discretion.

This will need 2-3 hours to get hot, then you can set temp to low or even warm if desired.

Allow the cream cheese to set out and get to room temp while the rest is heating up.

About an hour before you serve the chili, place the cream cheese and half jar of salsa verde in a glass mixing bowl.

Ladle some of the hot broth over it, and whisk to liquify cream cheese. You can also microwave, but I try not to use it if at all possible.

Stir the cream cheese mixture into the crock pot to finish it up.

Allow this to meld for another hour or longer.

When you serve this, I suggest a garnish of tortilla chips, shredded cheese, maybe sour cream.

I just went with chips because I wasn’t interested in “toning down” the heat whatsoever.

The corn gives this a tiny bit of sweetness, and I think this would be delicious with jalapeño corn bread crumbled over it too.

Here’s the first spoonful…

It looks like you could bite it straight from your screen, huh??

I’ll be seeing you Cookers later. I have a pot of traditional red chili to tend to, a few domestics, dogs and an evening shift at the steakhouse.

All The Culinary Love, Chelle.


Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission by the owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts or links may be used, provided that full credit is given to M.L. Clement or cHELLe ON WHEELS, LLC. with appropriate and specific direction to original content. In other words; if you steal my shit, I’ll call you out.

2 thoughts on “White Hot Chicken Chili

  1. This looks really good. I like the combination of green salsa and cream cheese. When you say green salsa are you talking about a tomatillo based salsa, with serranos/jalepenos?

    By the way, I woke up to 18° this morning in Mississippi. Maybe we’re due for another ice age!

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