Tuesday Tea Talk: This Life Is A Gift

I want to talk about so many things, yet I want to talk about zero at the same time. That’s my life’s struggle. All day, every damn day.

I’m somewhere between longing for human connection with someone who gets me (besides my guy) and desperately seeking solitude. I’m pretty close to hermit status at this point, because finally after decades of running to and from everything, I find strength in being still and present right where I’m at.

I’ve been contemplating taking a modern day vow of silence for awhile, but if at any moment I have a quiet day or moment, all the “whats wrong” and “are you ok,” questions start flying my way from every direction. Can’t an overly talkative girl just STFU and not be interrogated about it?? All my life I’ve been told I talk too much, from many school teachers to my dad and I suppose pretty much anyone around me. I like to gab.

Lately I’ve been feeling differently about verbalizing, vocalizing, and even writing.

I don’t really want to be heard right now. I want to be the listener. The learner. The reader. The student.

I’m seeing life for the gift that it is and I’m coming to view my own evolution or my revolution perhaps, in a new light.

These tags are everything. They represent ALL the things that I’ve learned over the past year of being within and studying myself in depth.

To keep this post simple and short, I’ll say it this way. The tags reminded me today to stop and smell the sage. Slow down and just fuggin breathe. Feel confident that I’m on the right path. Keep soaking up words and knowledge like a sponge. Own my personal power. Continue to flow. Don’t take shit too seriously. And finally, that there’s a certain power in shutting up and getting shit done in silence.

Maybe some of those suggestions from Mama Universe will resonate with you today as well.

Have a great week. I’m off to practice standing on my head and stuff like that. Yeah. Turns out I’m fearless AF until I have to invert. Weird. Especially considering I am a person who jumps out of planes for fun.

Hmmmm. Perhaps I don’t trust myself as much as I do a plane, pilot or parachute. It’s with good reason, but it’s still not ok, and we’re going to keep working on that.

Much much love.


4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tea Talk: This Life Is A Gift

  1. coffeeonthehouse

    “there’s a certain power in shutting up and getting shit done in silence.” Yes! Loved it. You jump out of planes? ***Impressed****. I travel in a plane…and pray desperately I don’t fall off it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. There IS!! I am a chatty bitch. Never shut up. Always have my own stuff to talk about because I’m always into something, but I know I annoy ppl!!
      Yes. I love skydiving!! It is life changing, and I really feel I came into my personal power after my first jump.

      Liked by 1 person

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