Thirsty Thursday: The Real Deal Whiskey Sour

Do you even mix, though??

I gotta tell ya, some bar practices just sicken me to watch. The first being adding grenadine to anything. That shit is gross. I use Luxardo brand cherries and the syrup they are packed in, but all bars don’t go in that direction, which is a shame.

The second is when a “bartender” pronounces Curacao (the blue stuff) wrong. It is not “koo-rock-o” it is “koo-ra-SOW.” Think I’m wrong?? I brought it.

Over this past weekend we went to a place to have a drink, and the bartender attempted to correct me. At my job a bartender attempted to correct me. I’m over it. It is not COW, it is SOW. Tell all your friends.

The third violation that grinds my mixologist gears is those corn syrup laden, artificially flavored drink mixers. Sour Mix, Margarita mix, etc. Yes, they are convenient, but have we met?? I am a craft cocktailer. Garden to glass, fresh squeezed, quality spirits.

Just showing this so you know I am qualified to write these segments…

So, the drink recipe I am offering today is a blend of all the above. I use a small batch bourbon whiskey from the best distillery in my home state; Grand Traverse Distillery out of Traverse City, Michigan. I have a soft spot and special connection with these spirits, as my mixology mentor and good friend is their brand ambassador and educator now. Also, I “demand grand,” which is their company tag line. You should, too!!

Alright. You all know I am one of the busiest women in the current world so let us get to shaking and sipping.

What You Need:

2 oz GTD Small Batch Bourbon

1.5 oz simple syrup

1.5 oz each fresh squeezed lemon and lime juice

1 egg white

What You Do:

In a Boston shaker, place your egg white, cover with a pint glass and shake 25 times to froth the egg white. Don’t concern yourself with food poisoning. The alcohol and citrus kills any bacteria that may be present.

Add a scoop of ice to the shaker along with the remaining ingredients.

Give it another 15 shakes.

Strain over ice into a short cocktail glass.

Garnish with a lemon twist and a Luxardo cherry.

He doesn’t care for the cherries so I don’t waste them. But look at how happy he was to get this in front of him after a long day at the job!!

Drink responsibly. Mix quality. Demand GRAND in your cocktails.

Thanks going out to Angie Jackson and Grand Traverse Distillery for up-leveling the former standards in mixology. GTD is a brand I am proud to serve in my creations at home and behind the rail.

Have a good weekend, Cookers.



2 thoughts on “Thirsty Thursday: The Real Deal Whiskey Sour

  1. I’ve been to the island of Curacao ( great job pronouncing it) There are like 5 different colors of this there. Complete with all the free samples you want . It is made with a bitter orange there. Kudos for your barkeep day!

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