German Chocolate “In My Feelings” Brownies

I’m posting your Sunday recipe early because I will be doing Mom and G-Ma stuff tomorrow, and I am thrilled beyond words.

Happy Mother’s Day to all my Mama friends and readers.

You guys know me, right?? I’m going to talk about food and life together always, because food is life. Like literally. How you gonna live without food?? Plus, food is love, memories, family and friends. But sometimes food is a source of comfort, and I’m not talking in a good way. We need to comfort other MFs with our creations rather than eating our own feels.

Hey, I’m not lecturing because I’m not perfect. These brownies are the product of a stressful week topped off by the good old once-a-month, emotional tidal wave. All that girly ass, psycho shit isn’t my cup of tea and is a bad look on any woman, but dammit, we are red-blooded females. We cannot help biology!! Just bring on the menopause for fuck sake, though.

Anyway, check it out. I made these brownies and they sat in the fridge for 3 nights. What happened was I saw my first Speaker Slam video, and recognized that the current situation of the restaurant not being opened has knocked about 5,000 steps and 500 burned calories a day from my physical life, and it is showing!!

I was slipping on the daily treadmill jogs and my yoga, and mayyyybeee we’ve been enjoying our cooking and extra time in the kitchen a little too much. It’s whatever. I’d already been back on my game when the offer came to do the talk, and I will be skinny again by the next round!! I made a deal with myself that I would not have one of these until the speech was recited, recorded, edited and submitted. Besides that tiny square for quality control purposes.

Its a dirty job, bitches.

Mr. Wonderful put a scoop of ice cream on one for me Friday night after work, and Saturday morning I wrapped the rest in plastic, put them in a freezer bag and stashed them for a later sweet tooth need.

I lost 5 pounds from eating right and working out all week, and was happy to find that the scale went down even though I had that indulgence Friday night.

This recipe is made from store bought mix and frosting, but I always amp up pre-mades with my own ingredients. I subbed heavy cream for the water, and melted butter for the oil. Rich organic eggs make a better baked good, too, so I use them. If you’re going to splurge, then really splurge!! Besides, we have to make up for using boxed mix somehow.

What You Need:

2 boxes brownie mix. I used this brand

4 eggs

2/3 c melted butter

1 c heavy cream

1 can German Chocolate frosting

1/2 c pecan chips

What You Do:

Preheat oven to 350°.

Spray a 13×9 pan with baking spray.

Mix all ingredients except pecan chips and frosting (duh) in a stand mixer.

Spread the mix evenly into pan.

Bake for 30-35 minutes. Go 45 if you like crispy edges.

Remove from oven and cool 3 hours before spreading the icing on top.

Sprinkle pecan chips evenly.

I almost melted chocolate for some fancy drizzle action, but I was not in the mood to deal with the piping bag and all that. Besides, genuinely good stuff needs no extras or embellishments. These are “extra” enough.

Cut into squares and enjoy one. Then give the rest away or freeze, for the love of all your skinny clothes.

I’ll see you all on Tuesday for a seriously spicy tea talk. I finally got my box of goods from Snarky. They are so delish, and I can’t wait to “Wake My Ass Up” with you Cookers!!

Have a joy filled and abundant weekend, Friends.

XOXO, Chelle


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